MIAMI (CBS4) – A second annual walk in a field that holds tragic memories for Helen Witty will hopefully help fight a crime that takes thousands of lives each year.

This weekend is the second annual walk to benefit mothers against drunk driving.

Helen Witty went for a walk with CBS4’s Jorge Estevez on the same field where she hopes hundreds will learn a lesson.

“The purpose of this whole thing is to bring us together to understand what happens when people drive drunk and to save lives,” said Helen Witty.

Witty’s daughter Helen Marie was killed in 2000. She had just turned 16 and was hit by a drunk driver in Pinecrest.

“For 12 years, I have been trying to figure out how to live without my daughter,” said Witty.

A reality for all families of victims pictured on a wall placed on the field for those taking part in the walk.

They make up the ten thousand killed each year in a drunk driving incident, which is why Witty and volunteers work tirelessly to set up the second annual, ”Walk like M.A.D.D.” at Evelyn Greer Park in Pinecrest.

“A good friend of mine told me I don’t know why we are on this road, but we are on it together and we will be on this walk together,” said Witty, who will walk the field to try and piece together their shattered dreams.

  1. JOURNALIST says:

    They should take a walk on Lincoln Road in Miami Beach and check out the drivers leaving the “Hofbrau Beerhall” at 943 Lincoln Road. A lot of Brew HA HA going down there.