MIAMI (CBSMiami) – More than two dozen dogs are getting a new “leash” on life Thursday thanks to the Miami-Dade County Animal Services Department’s “Miami Dogs on the Move Program.”

The program was created to transport dogs to no-kill shelters in other cities and states.

Thursday morning, 25 dogs were shipped out via truck as part of the program where they have a better chance of finding a forever family.

More than 15 thousand dogs per year are surrendered to Miami-Dade County Animal Services.

“We get about 71-percent of them adopted,” said Alex Muñoz, Director, Miami-Dade County Animal Services Department.

But the rest are either put down or taken to no-kill shelters like the 25 shipped out on Thursday.

“We’re looking for other avenues. We’d love get them all saved and this is one way of doing that,” said Muñoz.

The program, which started in November 2011, has saved more than 140 dogs.

With the help of Pawsitive 4 Life, a rescue group that fundraises for the rescue of pets from ASD, the department hopes to continuously expand the transfer program to eventually include the transfer of hundreds of pets per month.

“Anyway we can get them out and adopted is the goal,” said Miami-Dade Animal Services volunteer Melissa Sorokin.

“With up to 300-400 dogs at the shelter on any given day, the efforts of rescues and adoption cannot cover the sheer numbers of animals that the County shelter must take in,” said Muñoz. “We are thankful to these shelters for their great assistance: Peggy Adams Humane Society of West Palm Beach, Mountain Rottie Rescue of New York, PA Boxer Rescue of Pennsylvania and North Country Animal League of Vermont, who have all stepped up to take dogs from ASD.”

“I think the dogs we’re sending are great,” said Sorokin. “I mean there awesome dogs so I think they will get adopted.”

Each year, the shelter impounds 36,000 pets. The goal at Animal Services is to reunite lost pets with their families or find life-long homes for as many animals as possible.

For more information on how you can adopt a shelter pet, visit or call 311.

Comments (3)
  1. Sandra_G says:

    Every animal deserves to live and they all deserve a home with a loving family.
    Spay and neuter, it’s the only way to avoid over crowding and unnecessary killing.

  2. Rachel T says:

    This is great but Miami Dade in in dire need of mandatory spay neuter programs. All the money spent putting homeless animals to sleep could be used to spay and neuter animals and hire animal officers to make rounds to ensure dogs are fixed.

  3. Mia says:

    After these wonderful dogs were transported this week- I would like to know why healthy adoptable dogs were killed in Miami today – especially since there is enough cage space at the shelter. THIS SHELTER MAKES ME SICK to my stomach!