MIAMI LAKES (CBSMiami) – A student at Barbara Goleman Senior High was airlifted to the hospital after he was stabbed by a classmate.

Miami-Dade Schools spokesman John Schuster said Tuesday afternoon two students got into a fight at the school at 141 Street and NW 89th Avenue. Eyewitnesses told CBS4 a larger student, who is a junior, and smaller student, who is a senior, were going at it when the senior pulled out a pocket knife and stabbed, and slashed, the other student multiple times.

“I didn’t believe that it was happening right there. I actually got a little blood on me too,” said Gary Lawrence who saw the fight.

He said he watched the violence escalate.

“They started fighting fists and then all of the sudden one of the kids brought out a knife and started stabbing the other,” he explained.

Schuster said he was told by the school’s principal that the boy’s injuries were not life threatening.

A source close to the investigation calls it a “textbook case of bullying” and says both students will likely face charges. That source tells us the student with the knife, a senior, will face charges of aggravated battery and having a weapon on school grounds. The other student likely faces charges as well.

The school was placed on lockdown during the incident.

“We couldn’t go to sixth period because we had to stay locked in our classrooms,” said student Christopher Lopez.

The school district has not released the names of the boys involved in the fight or said what disciplinary actions will be taken.

The student who was stabbed is expected to fully recover.

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