MIAMI (CBS4) – Conventional wisdom says don’t mix business with pleasure.

But lots of Americans aren’t paying attention to that advice, according to a new study on office dating from CareerBuilder.

Back in the Fifties and Sixties, as TV’s “Mad Men” shows, there was an “anything goes” attitude toward dating in most workplaces.

That changed drastically, especially in the aftermath of the sexual harassment allegations Anita Hill leveled against Clarence Thomas in his Supreme Court confirmation hearings in 1991.

But, according to the CareerBuilder study, thirty eight per cent of Americans have had a dating relationship with someone at work.  Other studies have shown that number to be as high as sixty per cent.

Thirty percent even married someone they worked with.

Despite tough sexual harassment policies at many companies, none of that surprises me, especially these days, when people spend most of their waking moments at work.

But I was surprised to see that one in five workers said they had dated their boss.  That’s a big no-no almost everywhere.

So while things have changed since the days of “Mad Men,” they’ve also stayed the same.


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