MIAMI ( – Yet another group of documents and recordings were released Monday by attorneys in the murder and child abuse case against Jorge and Carmen Barahona, and with each new documents the horrors done against their adopted twins seem to mount.

Last Valentine’s day, police found the decomposing body of ten-year-old Nubia Barahona in the back of her adoptive father’s truck. In the front seat, they found her twin brother Victor suffering seizures from chemical burns.

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Jorge and Carmen Barahona now sit in jail awaiting trial for murder and child abuse. Monday, prosecutors released recorded statements from Victor’s foster mom, Katia Garcia.

She told an investigator what she says little Victor has told her.

“That his father used to pour hot sauce in his ears, eyes, nose, and mouth,” said Garcia. “His father made him eat a cockroach.”

“He asked me if I knew that the stomach eats itself when you’re starving,” she said.

Garcia said Victor remembers that Nubia’s feet were wounded because they would be tied up with wires.

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“That his father used to place his sister’s feet, submerge his sister’s feet, in Clorox and Pinesol,” said Garcia.

And then there’s this:

“He saw some of my eyelashes and then he said that his was shut with crazy glue, and lost all of his lashes when he opened his eyes,” she said.

Garcia said, at times, Victor did not know if he’d live.

“That his father used to put a bag over his head and that he used to choke him. He says that there was a couple of times that he was very close to dying,” said Garcia.

Garcia also told investigators that the Barahonas gave the children only bread and milk. once a week.

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She says leftovers from dinner would be given to the family dog.