TALLAHASSEE (CBSMiami/NSF) – The state’s House Community and Military Affairs Subcommittee is scheduled to take up a bill Monday which would effectively abolish Miami-Dade County’s ban on pit bulls.

Current state law, enacted in 1990, allows local governments to take action against dangerous dogs after a complaint is made and served on the owner, who can appeal the classification to county court. Afterward, the owner may be required to register the dog with local animal control and, depending on the severity of the dog’s actions, it may be ordered impounded or even destroyed.

The law prohibits regulations by breed, although Miami-Dade County and several of its municipalities were allowed to retain restrictions already in place on pit bulls.

House Bill 997 and Senate Bill 1322 which would repeal the 20-year-old breed ban in Miami-Dade. Similar bills were proposed last year in the state House and Senate but didn’t pass.

Florida is among only 12 states that prohibit breed-specific regulations.

Miami-Dade approved the breed specific ban in 1989 after an 8-year old girl was brutally mauled by a pit bull.

The News Service of Florida contributed to this report.

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  1. Alice Fening says:

    God bless these abused angels.

  2. Alice Fening says:

    Also, I’m tired of all this “Think of the children!” BS. Forget the kids, the little heathens. 9 times out of ten an idiot child preceded to try to pet a dog after being told not to, as a result they learned the hard way. The dogs most likely felt threatened. Pits should not have to die due to human stupidity.

  3. Levin says:

    How old is your grnadson? My autistic son is almost twenty-one and was a Denver Bronco fan until he got older. Perhaps he just wanted to fit in. I am an ex-football fan. Money destroyed the game for me. Professional athletes used to be middle class. I realized the game was just one corporation competing against another corporation. What if they played the Super Bowl and nobody watched? That would change the world.Nancy, I DO watch TV. I like classic movies on Turner Classic Movies and must confess I watch Desperate Housewives on Lifetime.