MIAMI (CBSMiami) – A North Miami Beach mother and father have been arrested and charged with child abuse after their severely malnourished child was found naked in the street.

Police said the child had jumped from the rear window of his house in the 14-hundred block of NE 152 Street, to escape his abusers on Saturday night.

The child, who is nine-years-old, was said to have the body of a much younger child, according to North Miami Beach Police.

When the child was taken to Jackson Memorial Hospital, it was discovered he only weighed 35 pounds, or roughly the size of a 3 – 5 year old child.

“He looks like he came from Auschwitz,” said juvenile court Judge Cindy Lederman. “This does not happen in a month.”

Police said the child’s hands and feet were so swollen from lack of food and that the child told hospital staff that he had not eaten in roughly three days.

North Miami Beach Police arrested Marsee “Redd” Strong, 34, and charged her with two counts of aggravated abuse and neglect of a child.

In addition, Edward Bailey, 39, was arrested for his alleged part in the case and faces two counts of aggravated abuse and child neglect.

According to police, Strong admitted to failing to protect her child from others and “not properly supervising him and getting him medical treatment in a timely manner;” but denied physically abusing the kid. She did not dispute that bruising covered most of the child’s body.

Bailey told police that he didn’t abuse his son, but “allows other to do so without his intervention.”

Bailey also said he noticed the child’s small stature and abuse, but didn’t take him to get medical treatment.

After an appearance in bond court, the boy’s mother was held on $65,000 bond. The father was held on $60,000 bond.

Neighbors were stunned to hear about the charges.

“I was surprised. I was shocked. I didn’t even know what to say when the police were here and the mother was standing on the corner and then I heard the child had jumped out of the window and ran down the street naked,” said Mary Williams.

Willie Mitchell said he never saw any problems with his neighbors.

“I always seen a lovely family with the kids happy around their mother.”

Another neighbor said she knew the boy had a severe eating disorder.

The victim is one of six children living in the home. The investigation has also revealed that the parents have a history of involvement with the Department of Children and Families.

An uncle, Joseph Lee, stepped forward in and asked to care for the boy’s five siblings.

“I’m looking for words to express how I feel,” Lee said in court. “I was not aware. You try to do everything you can. I asked her about him. She told me he was fine.”

According to a social worker, DCF had been monitoring the boy because he had refused to eat and “self-mutilated himself and his own skin.”

“There was food in the house,” the social worker said. “But there was no neglect. He just refused to eat.”

But, Judge Lederman said there was gross negligence and appointed a guardian to take care of the children and ordered medical tests for all of the children in the home.

Judge Lederman said this was “one of the worst cases I’ve seen. This looks like a neon sign. The abuse should have been obvious.”

Lederman ordered a thorough investigation and expected a full report by the next custody hearing on February 8th.

The North Miami Beach Police Department and the DCF continue to investigate the incident and the family.

Peter D'Oench

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  1. Joann Lee says:

    my auntie would never beat her kids come on yoo like forreal now they in jail now come.

    1. poorwhiteboy says:

      She never fed him either. You”ll probably grow up to be a fat BREEDER like YOUR AUNTIE>

    2. cubanflowers says:

      your auntie??? ok so she will never beat her kids what about feeding them?

      why was it so difficult for her big a.sss to put down her plate of food and share some with the children???

      why is she and the father so got dmmmn obese and the son is so emaciated? why did he escape out of a window butt naked if he was so loved?

      why she was in the system already??

      If any of my children refused to eat… something in my head will click and say hey b..itch get this kid some help QUICK because something is wrong!!!

      Especially if he was self mutilating himself.. nahhh me and my husband as loving parents would seek immediate help.. not sit back and say fnnnck it and him .. and then stuff our own faces!!..

      and the social worker is just to blame as the parents! most of these workers don’t even do the home visits or if they do come out to the house they don’t even go inside! they are mad lazy!!!

      be blessed sweetie..

  2. poorwhiteboy says:

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  4. Skippythedread says:

    I guess it’s to much to ask that the “social worker” be fired for her gross incompetence.

    And I’d bet my house these two losers are on at least some form of public assistance.

    Dependancy kills the soul.

    1. maceman says:

      Notice both parents look like neither one has missed a Big Mac Super-Size Value Meal. News media is reporting FIVE kids now being cared for family members. FIVE. That confirms the public assistance. The assistance they deserve is STERILIZATION

  5. hanseii says:

    the mother weighs 320 lbs according to her arrest record. That’s where all the food went. Disgusting that we, the taxpayers, have to support that while her children starve.

  6. Tony Sporano says:

    The social worker needs to be fired as well. The DCF is full of lazy parasites just like most goverment facilities.

  7. ambi says:

    Can you ANIMALS (yep you are as low as these folks with your comments) stop the race baiting and focus on the kid that was abused

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  8. poorwhiteboy says: