MIAMI(CBS4) – Former Miami Dolphins star Mark Duper held a news conference Tuesday to document his recent health battle: renal cancer.

The wide receiver recently underwent surgery to remove his right kidney at Jackson Memorial Hospital.

Duper discovered something was wrong during the Dolphins Cycling Challenge, which honored former teammate Jim Mandich, who succumbed to bile duct cancer, and raised money for the University of Miami’s Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center.

While riding, Duper began feeling discomfort and a shortness of breath.

“I tried to sit one side, the other side, my back was hurting.  It’s like this is not right I know I’m out of shape I’m not that out of shape,” he said

After undergoing an ultrasound, a malignant mass was discovered on his right kidney.

Doctors say it is very rare for someone to detect a kidney tumor in their body.

“Athletes are just in tune with their bodies,” said Dr. Mark Soloway. “He thought there was something wrong and he was correct.”

Duper underwent surgery, where doctors removed the affected kidney before is spread to other organs.

Doctors say there is a 95% chance that all the cancer has been removed.

Duper continued to recover at home.

Comments (2)
  1. willy joe says:

    Mark, It’s a miracle with all the drugs you have ingested in your life you aren’t already dead.

    1. Nick says:

      willy joe, If you cant see that Duper obviously is as healthy as can be… He looks good. He sounds good. Maybe its you that has the problem.

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