MIAMI (CBS4) – A day before the Miami-Dade County Commission discusses health insurance for county workers, a new video criticizing the Miami-Dade mayor’s plan is getting thousands of views on YouTube.

A county employee posted it just a few days ago because, he says, county workers needed a voice in the budget battle that will either cost jobs or cost employees more of their paychecks.

In the video, two digital crash test dummies talk about working for Miami-Dade County. The dummy representing a county worker appears beaten and bruised.

“We’re sort of being beaten up,” the creator of the video told CBS4’s Gio Benitez.

He wants his identity hidden, so we’ll call him “Tom.”

Tom fears losing his county job over the video. He posted it on YouTube last week and nearly 7,000 people have watched.

“There’s a lot of illusion going on, and a lot of stuff that on paper, looks really good,” Tom said.

Tom is angry because Mayor Carlos Gimenez wants employees to contribute five percent more of their base pay to health insurance.

“It’s not five percent of my health insurance. It’s five percent of my paycheck,” said the crash test dummy in the video.

County employees already pay five percent, so if passed, employees would be contributing a combined ten percent of their base pay.

“And then this year, 320 hours of furlough time,” said the county worker.

“And you still pay for your insurance even though the County is being paid for it?” asked the female dummy.

“Yes, exactly,” replied the male dummy.

“Wow. You are definitely a dummy. You need to find another job,” said the female dummy.

The dummies point the finger at Mayor Gimenez.

“He really needs to know there are a lot of people who are going to be hurting,” said Tom.

Tom has been a county employee for nearly two decades and says this is enough to make him change careers.

The Mayor’s officer turned down an on-camera interview, but spokesperson Suzy Trutie sent a statement, which says, “While the County believes every individual is entitled to express their First Amendment right, the video has a number of inaccurate statements including how the health insurance fees are explained and the amounts represented.”

The mayor’s office also sent this list of what Trutie calls “inaccuracies:”


How much does the County spend on health insurance for you? They will not tell us.


The Internal Services (Human Resources division) and Management and Budget departments have provided this information to the unions.


They are laying off dummies and hiring firefighters.


At this time, the County is not hiring firefighters.  The Fire Rescue Department sent out correspondence to previous applicants to update their information currently on file.  This is a common human resources practice.


They (firefighters) hardly got any cuts.


For the 1,988 IAFF (Fire and Rescue) members, the administration asked for $20.6 million in concessions.  For PBA’s (Police and Corrections) 5,405 members, the administration asked for $74.8 million in concessions.   For GSAF’s 4,574 members, the administration asked for $46.1 million in concessions.


Maybe you can be a department director. They’re all still working for the County and they make lots of money too.


When the County reorganized in September 2011, it went from 42 departments to 25.  Titles and salaries are being evaluated, and salary ranges are being adjusted accordingly.

Comments (12)
  1. QuestionPlease says:

    How can I find the video?

  2. UckTheFunions says:

    So what? County employees are a bunch of dummies anyways. These tax sucking whiners are the ones that their moms told them to go to college but instead they decided to go the easy route and get a tax sucking government job. Guess what? When there are no taxes to pay for your dummy jobs, you have to go.

    1. OopsISaidTooMuch says:

      If you really want that I hope you have the skills of a firefighter, cop, etc. I hope you have equipment in your house to resuscitate your loved one, pull them out of a smashed vehicle, or the firearm to properly protect them from an intruder!!! There is a reason of every person in every job. The janitor in your office, the mail clerk, etc. Do you think the toilet cleans itself!? Maybe in the future when we can replace everyone’s job and the few coming up with the idea reap the benefits!

      1. OopsISaidTooMuch says:

        *There is significance in every job

  3. The Truth says:

    Why are county employees always complaining? I know very well nobody likes to lose or see their hard work being under-appreciated but to be honest federal jobs whether at a national, state or local level get the most benefits AND usually the best pay. So whats the problem? Afraid to have to go through some hard times? Join the club. Same with teachers, always having a planning day this and off day that…best job ever! Stop whining.

  4. Bill Pederson says:

    Gio and “Tom”, I work in the private sector and pay $7,200 a year for my family health insurance with a $5,000 deductible! AND I DON”T GET A PENSION FOR LIFE! Keep it in perspective. You’re doing better than most of us — and you are lucky to have a job to begin with!!!

    1. OopsISaidTooMuch says:

      How much is your life worth? You might have to pay me over 20 million to put myself in harms way to protect you… You could possibly trade jobs with one of these officers & see how you like it.

      1. Luis bonilla says:

        The reason you and most public servers are in those jobs is becuase they are the highest paying jobs your HS Diploma or AA could get. The community doesnt owe you SQUAT .You do what you are paid to do.

  5. Pop Dog says:

    Hi Bill, I’d like to clarify. I have a friend who works in the County, making about $54k. Sound nice right? He pays about $9,776 ($376 per check) a year for his family’s insurance (Avmed HMO, Delta dental, and Optix vision – numbers from their website). Assume his biweekly check is $2077. He already pays the 5% to the County’s health care, as do most County employees, as well as 3% to the State. $2077 – 104 – 62 = $1911. $1911 – 376 = $1535. The County wants another 5%, as well as 8 furlough days (another 3%), $50 premium pay and flex pay ($43) = -104 and -62, -50, -43. So it comes out to = $2077 -104 -104 -62 -62 -50 -43 = $1652 -376 = $1276. And then come taxes, roughly 16% off that. So take home becomes $1072. Per check, or $2144 a month. That ain’t a whole lot, and to be honest with two kids in junior high that doesn’t leave much at all for mortgage, property taxes, and basics. So that $54k is not really $54k at all. And we’re growing this mob mentality for what? So that we can strip him of his meager house and 6 year old car?

  6. get your facts right says:

    Those of you that say that County employees have the best job and that there is no reason to be upset definitely don’t know what you are talking about. County employees are not the best paid. Actually, the pay really sucks. worked for the County and it’s not as “great” as you guys think it is. The worst part is not only that they cut the pay, but the mayor cuts the paycheck of those with low salaries and then appoints advisers that get paid 6x what most county employees get paid. That’s the real issue. Not so much that the budget is being cut, but more that they are cutting from the wrong places. You have not idea the corruption that goes on in the County that most employees aren’t involved with, yet they get blamed for it too.

    And “Uck the unions”, you definitely don’t know what you are talking about. Many positions in the county require a degree. Those that get jobs that don’t require degrees can barely live on their salaries. Those positions that do require degrees, the pay is not great either. So please do your research before you go around talking without knowing.

    And “The truth”, I’ve worked in the county and have worked as a teacher. For you to say what you said shows that you don’t know anything about any of those two jobs. They are not “the best jobs ever”. They require a lot of work and a lot of stress that you probably have no idea about. So get your facts right.

    1. OopsISaidTooMuch says:

      I agree with you and for the record am not a government employee, but I like to look at all the aspects before judgement.

  7. E. Roberts says:

    Let us get this straight! County employers are now paying for a family plan that costs more than $1000.00 dollars bi-weekly! Second: The county WILL NOT give the percentage of our salary that actually goes towards health insurance. It is believed that the county pays less than 2% of our salary towards health insurance. Where is the other 7 % going?????? Well the commissioners now want a salary, the Mayor needs more Deputy Mayors, and the Mayor needs to hire MORE firefighters!