MIAMI – ( – A 19-year-old woman appeared before a judge after she was arrested for walking into an elementary school and yanking a gold chain off of a 5-year-old girl.

Thursday morning, Ashley McCloud appeared in a vest reserved for those on suicide watch and was ordered held on $18,000 bond.

Police say the events unfolded on January 18th at 8:30 a.m. when McCloud entered the school at Orchard Villa Elementary, 5720 NW 15th Ave. and claimed to be the aunt of a 5-year-old girl. School officials allowed her inside and that’s when she allegedly took the girl’s chain from her neck.

“Orchard Villa, Dade County Public School and Early Head Start saying it’s not their fault. How could you guys just let someone come and sign in? You guys aren’t asking for ID, no anything,” said the girl’s mother Jermika Gyton. “She could have taken my child from cafeteria to the hallway.  She could have taken my child completely.”

Police say security cameras nearby captured McCloud showing off the chain. McCloud later returned to the chain to the child’s parents, according to the police report.

She now faces three charges: robbery by sudden snatching, trespassing school grounds and battery.

Comments (3)
  1. B. Palmer says:

    Why anyone would send their 5 year old child to school with a $1,500 gold chain to school is beyond my comprehension. I sold all my valuable jewelry a few years back because I was afraid to wear it. Why look for trouble? Nowadays you can get killed for a chain around your neck. And I have to wonder whose neck that gold chain and crucifix was taken off from originally.

    1. poorwhiteboy says:

      Because she” a dumb ass getto mama.

  2. Valerie Parkhurst says:

    whats more important was the fact she so easily got access to the child in this enviornment..Heads need to roll for this lax of security. If the parents of the children dont demand better accountibility by those responsible for admissions to the school then look for more heinous headlines in the future. One more thing. If this place is so lax in this aspect? You can bet the bar has been lowered in all other aspects of this school also.

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