MIAMI (CBS4) – How happy are you at work?  If you believe an extensive survey conducted by, you’re happier than workers anywhere else in the country.

Miami topped the list of happiest cities to work in… and our weather had nothing to with it.

The survey focused exclusively on what happens on the job.

Worcester, Massachusetts took second happiest, followed by Oklahoma City, San Jose and Oxnard, California.

Palm City and Orlando were the next best Florida cities at fourteen and thirty four.

Most unhappy were New Haven, Connecticut, Dayton, Ohio and Milwaukee.

Regions didn’t seem to have anything to do with it… Tulsa was fourth unhappiest while Oklahoma City was third happiest.

Texas had lots of happy work cities, but Austin was 9th unhappiest.

Florida had no cities on the bad list and California only had one, Bakersfield, despite have a disproportionately high number on the good list.

For what it’s worth, my experience validates the study.


I’ve worked in seven states… in the Northeast, South, Midwest and California… and the friendliest workplace is definitely this one.