FT. LAUDERDALE (CBSMiami) – Former Hollywood Police officer Dewey Pressley was sentenced to 90 days in jail Friday for his role in falsifying two official records.

Pressley was convicted in November of falsifying records, but he was acquitted by a Broward County jury on seven other counts including conspiring with fellow officers to fix blame on a 2009 car accident.

It took a jury just five hours to deliver the split-decision on Pressley for the 2009 accident that involved officer Joel Francisco and Alexanda Torrens-Vilas.

Torrens-Vilas, 26, testified that on the night of the accident, she had stopped her car on Sheridan Street and got out of it to look for a cat which had jumped from her lap.

She admitted to the jury that she had been drinking that night at a friend’s place and didn’t even realize her car had been hit by officer Francisco until she was stopped from leaving the area.

Torrens-Vilas was arrested and charged with four counts of drunk driving. While seated in the back of a patrol car, she reportedly heard Pressley discussing how he would shift the blame to her

The patrol car’s dash cam, which recorded Pressley saying he would do ‘a little Walt Disney’ to shift blame from Francisco to Torrens-Vilas, was played for the jury on Wednesday.

“We’ll do a little Walt Disney protect the cop because it wouldn’t have mattered because she is drunk anyway,” Pressley can be heard saying.

Attorney Rhea Grossman told the jury that Pressley’s report of the accident was based on the information provided to him at the scene and the statements he made in the patrol car were ‘bragging.’

Pressley was released on bond while he is appealing the case.