MIAMI (CBS4) – Forget the studies that claim men and women are more alike than different.  An extensive new study published by the Public Library of Science says men really are from Mars and women from Venus.  One researcher goes as far saying men and women are so different, they’re almost like “different species.”

Ten thousand Americans were surveyed and the conclusions reached are going to be unpopular with many because they reinforce stereotypes.

Men were found to be more dominant, reserved, utilitarian, vigilant, rule-conscious and emotionally stable.  While women are more deferential, warm, trusting, sensitive and emotionally reactive.

This directly contradicts and criticizes the methods used in what until now was the consensus view: a 2005 study out of the University of Wisconsin that found men and women were markedly similar.

The lead researcher there, though, was a woman… the lead researchers in the new study, are  three men.

Is it just me, or is that more evidence of the Mars-Venus differences?