SOUTHEST MIAMI-DADE (CBSMiami) – An undercover Miami-Dade officer was forced to shoot a dog after the officer was attacked and bitten by the animal.

Miami-Dade police spokesman Det. Alvaro Zabaleta said officers were conducting an on-going undercover narcotics investigation involving a marijuana grow house located in the 14700 block of SW 178th Terrace on Wednesday.

Police said the officers had received permission from the owner to enter the residence and search it.

As the officers entered the home, a large dog charged at them and bit one of the officers in the leg. Fearing further injury, the officer shot and killed the dog.

The injured officer was taken to an area hospital to be treated for the bite wound.

The homeowner and a second person were both taken into custody to face marijuana distribution charges.

Peter D'Oench

Comments (15)
  1. Chucky... says:

    Let that be a lesson to you.

    You – never – give cops permission to enter and search your home, car; anything!

    They’re not on your side; they’re not going to let yo off the hook. At that point it’s you against the system.

    You politely decline, and make them secure a warrent!

    Oh, and get a lawyer involved; protect yourself.

  2. ConcernedCitizen says:

    After shooting the dog that the owner had trained to be vicious, he should have shot and killed the owner as well. Animals are not born to be attack animals, they are trained. shoot and kill the owner next time.

    1. Miami Resident says:

      As much as I wouldn’t go as far as to say shoot the owner, I tend to share your sentiments. Obviously this home owner knew that a dog was inside. If he gave the cops permission to enter the residence, he/she should have also told the officer that a dog was inside the house. It seems possible that the home owner could be guilty of growing narcotics and knew he would be busted so for one last joy, let an office be bitten by his dog. It’s also obvious this home owner didn’t care about the dog’s life either, as once the dog charges at an officer, he is more than likely to be shot.

      1. billy says:

        I hate the fact that cops can get away with anything….

      2. cops and dogs says:

        Cops are wastes of humans. Shoot the owner is a good idea, but the dogs should be allowed to carry guns and fire back at cops when they shoot at them for no reason. BARK BARK

    2. Carol says:

      You took the words straight out of mouth police are there for a reason because they were doing something they weren’t supposed to do and the police asked nicely if they could seach and they said come in and they did their job.

      If this animal started to bite the cop is he supposed to say go ahead and have fun? I don’t think so.

  3. Officer Fife says:

    Too bad no cops were shot and killed. If I shoot my neighbors dog for barking too loud I’d go to jail for about 10 years for animal cruelty. I am looking into a career in law enforcement. It seems like a pretty good gig being a cop. You can shoot random people at ice cream shops without any consequences, get a car to take home every day and unlimited cuban coffee at versalles.

  4. TacoBell Chuwawa says:

    I agree Fife. This is a warning if you are ever pulled over by a brainless cop. Do not make a barking sound like a dog. They are instructed by their superiors to shoot you on the spot. If cops were smart they would be doing a real job instead of shooting defenseless animals every single day.

  5. A distant eye says:

    The owner did not give permission to enter the house… that’s how much you see the media is lying to people… That dog, Cheapa (which there were 2 dogs, a father & son) was only protecting their home, amazing big dogs, just very protective. The home owner didn’t know anything, I don’t blame him for cheapa’s death, in fact I can assure you if he knew they were coming, he would of locked them on the side gate. They were just in the backyard protecting their home… that’s all I have to say… may Cheapa rest in peace.

  6. Carol says:

    The police did their job and they did it well and that is all we can expect from these men and women that give their lives everyday.

    1. Joe Public says:

      Place the blame squarely where it belongs, on the shoulders of every prohibitionist in the country. Just like the fault for the officers shot to pieces in Utah. Break down the door of a sleeping veteran who chose to treat his PTSD with a safe effective medicine over some pharmaceutical poison? Waging war on American citizens, or their pets, is a disgusting waste of time and money just to keep a harmless plant prohibited. How many more dogs and children need to be shot, families torn apart, and how many more violent criminals need to be released early before self righteous prohibitionists can say “I was wrong”?

    2. Abt says:

      Carol posted a boilerplate hogwash and she did it well and that is all we can expect from Carol.

  7. Michael Wind says:

    please give the name of the owner of the house

  8. ge man says:

    Do you really believe as the cops say ” the owners gave them permission to search the home!!!!!!!!!!!!! come on people if in fact it was a grow house as they state, the owner would have given them permission to search the home… I don’t think so!!!!! This is what you call Illegal; Search… You guys better get a good lawyer for those sloppy ass cop…..

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