MIAMI (CBS4) – It all started five months ago. Three people are inside a room. They all think they’re finalists for a makeover, but really, they’ve already won and CBS4’s Cynthia Demos got to tell them.

“Come on,” said Demos. “I have news today for you. You are not finalists. You are all winners! Tanya you are getting Lasik. Medai you are getting a tummy tuck, and Diana you are getting full cosmetic surgery!”

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There were big applause from everyone present. Diana Liu’s chemo and radiation for brain and lung cancer ruined her teeth.

“I am so overwhelmed I didn’t quite expect this at all,” said Liu.

Cosmetic dentist Dr. Charles Nottingham is heading Diana’s team. “We’re going to make her beautiful.”

Madai Parra’s had three children. For 10-years she has wanted a tummy tuck, and plastic surgeon Dr. David Levens is leading her team. “She cannot get rid of that loose skin.”

“I feel awesome! Oh my goodness… I don’t know what to say,” exclaimed Parra.

Tanya Jones used contacts and glasses since she was eight. Her vision is so bad, she can’t drive at night. She lost her job and money is tight.

“Well I spend a fortune on glasses and contacts,” she told Demos.

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Dr. Randy Burks is heading up her makeover.

Five months later we check in with the women getting the finishing touches at the Contour Day Spa. Tanya has said goodbye to glasses.

“Hello nighttime driving,” Jones said. “It has changed my life cause I don’t have to depend on anyone to drive me at night. I can have a social life now.”

Madai is no longer a size 12. After her surgery and dieting, she’s a size 8 with a new hairdo and attitude. “I’m all done,” cried Parra.

“And I’m also done,” announced Liu after having her teeth ruined by cancer treatment meant to save her life.

“It gave me the inspiration to help others with cancer to let them know things can change,” said Liu.

And now she can smile again and she’s not alone.

“Don’t they look great?” asked Demos.

The candidates had to be uninsured or underinsured to qualify. The team of doctors say they will do this again.

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