MIAMI (CBS4) – The Alkaline Diet already has some well known supporters, like actress Demi Moore and Miami Dolphins running back Reggie Bush.

But now average folks like Jan Brehm now follow it, and gives it a thumbs up.

“The difference that I feel is night and day,” she explained.

This diet is based on the philosophy that we what we eat and drink effects our body chemistry or PH levels, according to registered dietitian Erin Palinkski.

Alkaline levels should naturally measure 7.4.

The goal is to keep it right there by eating the right foods.

“The people that promote the alkaline diet state that by being able to increase your intake of alkaline forming foods, and decrease your intake of acidic foods, you can actually alter the chemistry in your body,” explained Palinski.

The intended effect is to improve weight, immunity, and disease prevention.

Celebrity nutritionist Dr. Lindsey Duncan, a proponent of the diet, says today’s meals are increasingly acidic and that our bodies are paying the price.

He cited the following problems: cardiovascular disease, depression, forgetfulness, poor mood, mind, and memory.

The Alkaline Diet requires reducing the intake of some foods that many of us like, such as dairy, meat, sugar, and caffeine.

“The general rule of thumb is, the more bitter your foods, the more alkaline,” said Duncan.

Some good foods include watermelon, almonds, oranges, and apples.

Jan Brehm said the positive benefits were dramatic.

“Not only does the fatigue lift, but the mood shifts,” said Brehm. “Energy.”

Palinski says that while this diet focuses on many healthy foods, there is no science behind it.

She also worries the diet can be limiting.

Some people can become too extreme, taking supplements that promise to boost your PH, or ingesting baking soda.

“That can make the body too alkaline, and bring it outside of the optimal range, and that can actually have potentially deadly side effects.”

Some dieters test their daily PH levels with strips that can be purchased at the drug store.