MIAMI (CBS4)- School is out for the holiday break and for many kids it may mean lounging around the house, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Parents can play an important role in taking charge to prevent laziness over the holiday break.

Kids are waiting for that much anticipated video game only to later do more lounging around playing with it, but there’s help.

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Alex Martinez, sports director for i9 Sports, provided CBS4’s Marybel Rodriguez with the “Top 10 Ways To Prevent Laziness During The Holiday Break.”  There are key points to remember to make the task an easier one.

Topping the list is: While on vacation keep it active.

“Take footballs, soccer balls and frisbees on your trip, think ahead of time” Martinez said.

Second on the list: Hand deliver your gifts.

“Instead of mailing your holiday cards and baked goods to nearby neighbors take them personally. It makes it more personal” Martinez said.

Watching television the creative way: While on the couch take advantage of the commercial breaks. For example, have a contest to see who could come up with the most fun exercise.

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Create an active holiday tradition: Perhaps visiting a skating rink  is a great way to get the whole family involved.

Buy active holiday gifts. Giving is better than receiving, and your kids will be up and ready for what’s ahead.

Walk to see holiday decorations and lights. Instead of driving around the neighborhood, round up the troops and hit the pavement to enjoy the holiday sights.

If you have a dog, take the dog for the tour as well.

To make it feel much more like the holidays, enjoy the cool temperatures indoors, take advantage of indoor activity centers.

Create your own winter Olympics.

 “Get together one morning out in a park with your neighbors to compete in good old fashioned games, like freeze tag, kickball or even a game of softball” Martinez said.

Rounding out the list is an option all parents will love: Have a cleaning competition. See who can clean out the most items and donate the unwanted items to charity.

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While these tips will help keep the family active, the best part is they won’t even realize it.

Marybel Rodriguez