MIAMI ( – From long-lines at shopping malls to the relationships at home; the holidays can bring about a stress level that is almost too much for most people.

“We’re expecting another baby girl,” mother Pamela Cole-Hollingsworth said or her stresses. “It’s exciting, but looking for home as well as celebrating the holidays.”

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“That’s why you have friends and family,” said Pamela’s husband, Blair Hollingsworth. “That’s why you talk to them.”

For therapist Lauri Kassewitz, the problems facing every person at the holidays are nothing new.

“Men for the most part don’t feel appreciated,” Kassewitz said.

At the same time, women typically seek more emotional support and are always looking for a great connection. In the end it boils down to one thing.

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“You have to communicate,” Kassewitz said. “Communication is everything.”

Kassewitz is trying to help people at the holidays by taking her practice on the road. She vowed to go wherever people need her to go to help them.

CBS4’s Cynthia Demos put Kassewitz to the test on the Hollingsworth family.

“It’s busy it’s going to get busier before it gets easier,” Blair said.

Still, Kassewitz said the couple is on the right track. Of all of the stressors Pamela Hollingsworth listed, all of them were good things according to Kassewitz.

“Most importantly for mental health; she’s viewing things positively,” Kassewitz said. “She’s exercising. They’re doing all the good things.”

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Kassewitz said that no matter where you can do it, just get the help you need any way you can.