MIAMI (CBSMiami) – Hundreds of needy South Floridians were disappointed to learn Friday that a truck loaded with Christmas turkeys to be donated by boxing promoter Don King had been hijacked.

Don King’s spokesman Robert Weneck said the truck full of 2,000 turkeys bound for South Florida went missing over night. The truck was found abandoned near Pompano Beach sometime Friday morning, according to Weneck.

While the turkeys were still inside, the fowl had to be discarded because nobody was sure whether they’d been temperature-controlled and safe to eat.

“I just hope everything gets better for us,” said Dorothy Clay from Deerfield Beach, who was supposed to receive a turkey. “It’s very hard,” she said, wiping a tear from her eye, “it’s very hard.”

Don King, a resident of Delray Beach, has been giving away turkeys at Christmas time for years. But unfortunately, hundreds of people in West Palm Beach, Deerfield Beach and Miami came away empty-handed this year.

“They tell me that the truck has been hijacked,” said King,  “and that we ain’t got no turkeys to give, so we’ve got to figure out a plan “b” of when we can get a truck.”

There is some good news however. Weneck said a date to replace the turkeys will be determined on Monday.

Ted Scouten

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  1. borninmombasa says:

    Those darn Irish kids , hijacking trucks again!

    1. bikertrash says:

      May it was Obama’s “civilian security force” or some of Holder’s “people”

      1. Eldon Pittman Jr. says:

        Your name is quite accurate!

      2. freecheese says:

        I thought it was Tony Soprano’s guys until I found out the birds were still in the trailer.

      3. Spencer B says:

        lol, so is your name, PITTman.

    2. Ghostsouls says:

      More of obama and Pelosi’s job creations. Now that the turkey’s have been thrown away, they have to buy more, tha put’s more people to work at the turkey processing plant, then they have to pay someone to package them and box them up, then to ship them, then who made the packaging and the boxes, those people had to be hired as well, then it has to go to the store, the store had to hire personnel to sell the turkeys, then King has to buy them again, and then has to pay someone to load them and transport them…. so you see this is nothing more than the creation of new jobs under the obama administrations!

      1. abbey says:

        Except that everyone at the processing and packaging plants were illegals.

    3. Addison Williams says:

      I guarantee it happened in Miami Gardens.

      AKA Where my of Eric Holder’s “People” reside.

      Anyone surprised?

      1. Eldon Pittman Jr. says:

        Eric’s Hilder’s “People” reside next door to you!

      2. Spencer B says:

        As long as Eldon Pittman’s people don’t live around us, we will all be fine.

    4. James Benoit says:

      HA! Exactly what I was thinking – EVERYBODY KNOWS who “hi-jacked” that truck, EVERYBODY. More “urban yoots” run amok.

      We as a society are breeding a generation of self entitled, dangerous, soulless “land sharks” who will kill you for a pack of cigs and $2.00.

      I say build more prisons and let ’em kill each other – behind bars.

      1. Eldon Pittman Jr. says:

        “Yoots” mostly live in your neighborhood..and cruise the urban area at night looking for crack!

      2. Spencer B says:

        Most of Eldon Pittman Junior’s people already reside in jail or on probation or some other form of court-ordered supervision – Thank God!

      3. George Johnson says:

        I’m curious Eldon Pittman Jr., do you actually have some sort of argument?? Or just snarky, meaningless comments??

    5. jnsesq says:

      Nah… I heard it was that Jewish-Asian gang again — Sosumi.

  2. Garr Obo says:

    Speaking of turkeys………

  3. Charley says:

    Good on him. Why don’t more celebrities do good for people instead of talking about it or bi—ing about the system!!!!

  4. MinniePearlJam says:

    “nobody was sure whether they’d been temperature-controlled”

    They’d? What is next? LOL and OMG in a news piece?

    1. rb1 says:

      It’s a commonly used word. Don’t be afraid to use apostrophe. E.g., “What’s”

      1. George Johnson says:

        Contraction of what exactly? “They” and what?

        I’m sure, you’re thinking of they’VE…. As in They and Have.

      2. jnsesq says:

        “They’d” = “They had.” My big beef is with people who write “I would of gone” instead of “I would’ve gone” (as in “would have”).

        When I was learning English in public school we actually learned to read, write and SPELL it correctly. No whut ah’m sayin’ yo? You be feelin’ dat?

    2. Kile says:

      It’s called a contraction and it’s perfectly acceptable.

    3. RedZone says:

      Those damn South Florida senior citizens, hi-jacking trucks again.

  5. Telling it like it is says:

    LOL… can’t make this stuff up, folks……..

  6. gary7 says:

    Hey, better than the GREAT TURKEY DROP ep from WKRP in the late 70’s, as Mr Carlson would say, “AS GOD AS MY WITNESS I SWEAR TURKEYS COULD FLY!!”

    1. ChickenDude says:

      “As God is my witness, I thought turkeys could fly.”

    2. seenitall says:

      Gary7, Your memory about the great turkey drop is right on. I told my wife about it when I saw the current article and the drop occurred a long time ago.
      I believe the turkeys were donated and then pushed from the top floor of a temporary structure the firefighters used to practce their trade.
      After launchng, the turkeys just set their wings and went to whatever destination their wings took them; some through windows of businesses and some took out some of the pepople who were looking up, awaiting the arrival of their free turkey. You can’t make this stuff up.

  7. H. I. Jack says:

    Occupy Poultry

  8. TruthInSpending says:

    Only in America

    1. Addison Williams says:

      Miami is part of America?

      Try visiting, it looks like a mixture of Cuba and Haiti.

    2. Jeff McCabe says:

      I never understood why people always say that about something that happens world wide. Unless you are talking about Don King buying turkeys for people in Florida. In which case, you are correct and I respectably withdraw.

  9. Ken Drift says:

    More people should reach out to those in need, forget big brother, help your friends in neighbors. Good for Don King, wish more celebs would use their money and fame for this stuff instead of telling us how intellectual they are.

    Three cheers for Don King!

    1. babydriver says:

      If the gov’t would leave me more of my money I would!

      1. pitch_fork_ready says:

        EXCELLENT comment!

  10. forty8 says:

    as god is my witness , i thought turkeys stayed fresh

    1. Beez says:

      I was just thinking “he should have used a helicopter…”

  11. alanwillingham says:

    Why would there be any concern that the turkeys were “temperature controlled” ? When chickens and turkeys are shipped around here, they are usually in crates and quite noisy. There was no mention that any of them died overnight, so what is the issue?

    Now even if they were shipping dead turkeys, someone should have been able to determine if the interior was still cold or if the doors were open, but none of that is mentioned in the story. Were the turkeys not only dead but possibly frozen> Again, not mentioned. If they were, they would have to be thawed in order to cook them. If they were partially thawed overnight, they can still be cooked when the thawing is complete, so again, what is the problem?

    1. Joanne says:

      Why were the turkeys thrown away? Makes ABSOLUTELY NO SENSE. We own a refrigerated trucking company. Reefer trailers are MADE to hold temperature for at least 12 hours, even if the reefer unit takes a dump and is completely off in the middle of the summer in Arizona. And a full load of frozen turkeys would take at least 4 days to thaw out without the reefer running at akk.

      Ladies, did you ever take a solidly frozen turkey out of the freezer and put it in your refrigerator (which runs at 40-44 degrees)? Takes 3-4 days to thaw out ONE turkey in the refrigerator. A full load of solid frozen turkey-not a chance it was thawed overnight. This story is a joke. Something smells about this story and it ain’t thawed out turkey.

      USDA has inspectors all over the country. Call in the USDA, have them check the turkeys. It is what refrigerated trucking companies do all the time if we suspect there may be a problem with temperature or safety of a refrigerated product.

      A pulp thermometer (which EVERY truck driver who hauls refrigerated product has in his truck) would tell very quickly whether these turkeys had been thawed.

    2. les_gvt says:

      You are talking governmental conrol here- If either the USDA or FL Dept of Ag had any question as to if the food has been compromised, they will not let it be sold or given away, and if after this, someone got sick, they would sue King.

      Most likely they were frozen at -32 to -40, but in an area that is humid especially, it does not take long to mess with the interior of a reefer

      1. Joanne says:

        Since when is frozen -32 to -40??? Or is that centigrade???

        We haul a lot of frozen food. USDA standard for frozen is 10 degrees or below (depends on the product and product density) and that is the way they ship turkeys UNLESS the customer specifically asks for them to be thawed. I believe we hauled 5 loads of turkeys this year before Thanksgiving-ALL solidly frozen upon receipt from the processor and solidly frozen when we delivered them to Arizona. And with the distribution being a week from Xmas, no one would ask for thawed turkeys. You would have to cook them by Wednesday or Thursday-no later or the turkeys WOULD go bad.

        I can almost guarantee the turkeys left the processing plant SOLIDLY frozen. And a truck missing “overnight” is not that big a deal, particularly when it was found not far from where if was going to be delivered.

        Humidity has little to do with a tightly sealed reefer trailer. That is the purpose of the reefer-to control the humidity and temperature.

        Almost sounds to me like an insurance scam. Get the trucking company’s insurance to pay for the load of turkeys. Not saying Don King had anything to do with it but the driver sure could have.

  12. Tom says:

    It was probably the justice brothers.

  13. David says:

    In other news;
    The RBAA (Retired Boxers Association of America) claimed responsilility for the fowl act perpetrated on all those turkeys.

  14. JimRocky says:

    Probably an insurance fraud scam that Don King made money from doing.

    1. Ghostsouls says:

      1. don King doesn’t need money and 2. Don King and his wife have contributed, hosted and raised more charitable dollars, that you will probably see in your lifetime. He contributes to many children’s charities, and even Jewish charities. So get your facts straight before making such accusations. Now if you want to lay waste to an African American who does NOT help the people he supposedly fights for, Try Jesse Jackson, Jesse Jackson Jr. or Al Sharpton. But Don King, is above them all.

  15. mikejoe1116 says:

    the so called poor should stop selling their food stamps to buy drugs, and they wouldnt need free turkeys

  16. Jdub says:

    Sounds fishy. And I agree it is a good thing to give away turkeys. But It sickens me there are people that whine and moan, “oh woah is me! I can’t gets me a free turkey! Can my life get any worse?” I mean, really?

  17. MoJo says:

    It’s all about ‘Promotion’. The turkeys we paid to take a dive!

    1. Jerzey Boy says:

      “And Mohammad Turkey hits the canvas, what an upset!!”

  18. Jerzey Boy says:

    It was Al Sharpton , he needs the money to pay his taxes.

  19. sailordude says:

    “It’s very hard,” she said, wiping a tear from her eye, “it’s very hard.”

    STOP BEING ON THE DEMOCRAT PLANTATION THEN!!!! I mean c’mon! I was poor once also! I didn’t like it so I decided not to be poor anymore!

    1. snuffy says:

      Exactly. I lived off canned ravioli and canned veggies for nearly a year while working two minimum wage jobs before finding one that matched my background and skills and paid accordingly. If I can live like that in this nation, anyone can. NO excuses.

    2. Joshua Arguien says:

      Ditto. I started out living in a Saturn SL2, taking showers at the YMCA, ironing out my clothes in the front seat, and waiting tables while taking interviews. 30 days later, I landed a better job, lived in a pigeon hole apartment, saved my pennies, found a better job, and today…I have a house I can afford, a decent car, good credit, and my own business. I’ve never been on the dole.

      You just have to be willing to start off at the bottom, and never give up!

  20. sailordude says:

    You know Don King killed a man once, did time, hard time.

    Now look at him, a multi MILLIONAIRE!!! If he can do it so can you!

    You Democrat inner city serfs are HOPELESS

    1. Eldon Pittman Jr. says:

      Most of the “serfs” live in Appalachia…or have you failed to consider that?

    2. Spencer B says:

      Don King hijacked most of Mike Tyson’s money – as they do…

  21. sailordude says:

    Mike Tyson, the former undisputed World Heavyweight Boxing Champion, says of his former manager Don King, “(King is) a wretched, slimy, reptilian mother f’er. This is supposed to be my ‘black brother’ right? He’s just a bad man, a real bad man. He would kill his own mother for a dollar. He’s ruthless, he’s deplorable, he’s greedy, and he doesn’t know how to love anybody.”

    LOL, oh yeah those turkeys got hijacked!

    1. Ken Watson says:

      Mike Tyson moved to eloquence? That suggests real candor. I wouldn’t automatically say though that this means the turkey giveaway is a scam, or the theft. And no one should indict the act prima facia. This is the sort of thing people should be doing if they intend to aid the poor. I also hesitate to laugh at the tears of a mother trying to feed her children. She may be all you imply and I agree generally that “entitlements” are noxious, unsustainable and socially damaging but it’s not a laughing matter.

  22. BigBoa says:

    How DARE day be stealin’ OUR free turkeys!!!

    How we be gonna get OUR free turkeys if days be takin’ ’em……….

    Isn’t this just an extension of O’Bozo’s redistribution of wealth?

    1. Eldon Pittman Jr. says:

      Don King is a Republican! As for anyone talking like that, it’s mostly young white kids who act blacker than the blackest black!

  23. snuffy says:

    As someone who is in the logistics and warehousing industry, this was most likely a random trailer jack with the hopes that some expensive electronics were inside. My company has had three stolen trailers to file a claim against just in the past two years. This will only increase as people get more desperate in this horrid economy.

    But hijacking tractor trailers is nothing new. The idea behind it is as old as hijacking and robbing stagecoaches and trains.

  24. Kyant Herman says:

    i’m sure they will find a way to BLAME the WHITE people on this…so many of us are sick of the latino/black neighborhoods being dysfunctional…the race card NO longer works. many of these people create their own problems and we are so sick of these groups…

  25. Sean Patriot says:

    Well just look for the BLACKS selling 2000 Turkeys somewhere. Really WHO steals turkeys? Chances are they never really existed in the first place.

    1. Ghostsouls says:

      Can people NOT read, they stole the truck, probably thought there was something worthwhile in it, when they opened it up and found turkeys they abandoned it. No one took the turkeys and no one is selling them. Please rad more than just the headlines before commenting.

      1. Ghostsouls says:

        Oh and before the spelling police come out, here is the E in the last sentence to be inserted. should be “read” not “rad”.

      2. les_gvt says:

        At $1.09/lb @15 lb average= $16.45 birdx 2,000=$3,290,000.

        To me, that is worth something

    2. Eldon Pittman Jr. says:

      Read the article! The turkeys were still in the truck!

  26. deedee says:

    Well , knowing the Don King is a GOP/REPUBLICAN..perhaps it was some Scrooge Liberal behind this disgusting act. 🙁

    1. James Benoit says:

      very true. D.K. is a. good man with his heart in the right place…

    2. Ghostsouls says:

      If you do a quick google search of don king and charity, Don King contributes ALOT especially to children, He has also contributed to some Jewish Charities. On the whole, and this is an undisputed fact, canyone can look this up. REPUBLICANS donate more to charities that the Liberal Democrats. The liberal democrats are usually the ones with their hands out.

  27. Dinah Khanser says:

    Don got a load of ‘already spoiled’ Turkeys on the cheap, Then arranged for the bogus load to be hijacked to collect the insurance money.
    What is someone gonna do with 2000 going rotten Turkeys?
    Pretty hard to hide or resell without arousing suspicion.
    Must throw the birds away of course. Right away. Might be spoiled. wink wink
    Like people ship 2000 dressed Turkeys around in trucks without refrigeration.
    Don still gets the props too.
    How convenient.

  28. James Benoit says:


  29. luckydog says:

    I blame george Bush!

  30. jenny smith says:

    Don King is a TUKEY!!

  31. karl anglin says:

    this is saddddddddddddd

  32. zorki1c says:

    “With God as my witness, I thought turkeys could fly.” — WKRP

  33. Green Tea says:

    Please take your white trash ways and your evil beliefs to Boston, tie a rope and mill stone around your neck, and cast yourself in. Thank you, Tea Party Movement

  34. Jeff Myob says:

    Nice try but we know you are just another racist liberal.

  35. John Svengali says:

    I guess some areas you need an escort with a convoy of Humvees.

    Kudos to Don King. Don, you’ve got class and heart. Thanks.

  36. mixplix says:

    I seriously doubt this story because a meat inspector could have been called to make a decision and if that was not fit for human consumption it could have been fed to animals.

    1. koama says:

      That is exactly right.

  37. koama says:

    Even if it was unclear if turkeys were frozen enough to go to humans, they could still go to animal shelters. Large dogs can eat raw turkey, bones, skin and all, whether or not they’ve been carefully frozen. Zoos could also use the turkeys as food.

  38. tomSERVO says:

    For a guy who certainly has his demons, and one that I’ve been quite critical of over the years and usually deservedly so, I commend King for trying to do something good for people during the holidays.

    America has lots of problems, but most of them would cease being problems if we just cared for each other as we are all called to do.

  39. Earl T. Bonifay Jones Jr. says:

    likely somebody was just tryin’ to get a little sumthin’ sumthin’ under the ole kwanza tree. jigs deprived of there gibs me dat free turkeys because of other jigs. that’s rich!

  40. Mike Alright says:

    Why don’t you just use your food stamps (I mean S.N.A.P. welfare benefits). Oh yeah, I forgot, you have to spend that free money on chips and soda because your poor children (too many of them) cannot get that at school with their free at school lunches (and breakfast). Can we just turn the page now and admit that we are the USSA and we are failing? EEOC.

    1. Nazi Pelosi says:

      No they sell the Food Stamps …Im sorry SNAP for 50 cents on the dollar. Thats how Obamas children do it !

  41. Chris Tingle says:

    I heard it was part of operation Fast N Furious , and was hijacked by the Mexican cartels. As usual AG Holder denies and knowlege.

  42. Chicago Nick says:

    “Only In America” He said it~~!1 lol.

  43. obozo says:

    Never liked Mr. King but he was trying to do a good thing. Sucks what happened.

  44. Aint got no says:

    “and that we ain’t got no turkeys ”

    Sure you do Don. You gots turkeys in da white haus my man.

  45. laffin'atcha says:

    “They tell me that the truck has been hijacked,” said King, “and that we ain’t got no turkeys to give,…”
    Ebonics 101 for the uninitiated…

  46. laffin'atcha says:

    Publicity stunt! There never were any turkeys, just Don I need a new do King looking for public sympathy…

  47. freecheese says:

    Don King is a good man. No doubt, he will get more turkeys.

  48. Nazi Pelosi says:

    Far Left Politically Correct Media we know who hijacked the Turkey truck…….it was the same people who were going to be killing each other in line “Fo They Free Turgey” . When the race of the criminal is not mentioned it is allways Obama Children !

  49. Ken Watson says:

    Wow, not much pushback on the racial angle. Maybe it was bruthas who took the truck. Probably it was. So what? The copper thieves prove to be an integrated crowd. So do the smash-and-grabbers. It is well past time to get rid of special privileges for blacks whether social or legal but it is no time to restore special blame. I can’t believe it is left to a dude like me to point this out.

  50. Donald MacMurray says:

    Was the plan to let the turkeys loose from a helicopter flying above the crowd? (WKRP in Cincinnati – Les Nessman, News Anchor) 😉

  51. Rico says:

    Regardless of the hijacking, the turkeys will still end up in the inner city.