FORT LAUDERDALE ( – In the wake of most countries in Europe vowing to stop using full-body scanners at airports; the Broward County Commission is looking into banning the scanners from Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport.

The ban would be in place until the scanners have scientifically been proven safe for passengers.

The Commission is expected to take up the issue Tuesday and the TSA will have a spokesperson there to argue for the government’s position.

If the Broward Commission bans the body scanners, it would be the first major airport in the United States to approve a ban since Europe banned the system, according to the South Florida Sun-Sentinel.

The scanners emit low-levels of radiation when performing the scans, which has raised concerns around the world.

PBS published a report earlier this year that said it was possible that between six and 100 airline passengers each year could get cancer from going through the machines.

The TSA has repeatedly said the scanners are less dangerous than common X-rays. The Department of Homeland Security also said that the technology used on the scanners is safe for all passengers.

While Broward County can pass the ban, the ultimate decision will come from the TSA on whether or not to keep the technology in place.

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  1. Rocco Giuliano says:

    TSA wouldn’t ban their own scanners if they microwaved passengers to a crisp. They still haven’t gotten over the PR debacle of years past when all of the explosive trace portals they rolled up with great fanfare and expense had to be deinstalled (with no fanfare but, again, great expense) after it was discovered that they didn’t work under field conditions. The body scanner issue is especially embarrassing because they paid for this junk with ONE BILLION DOLLARS IN ARRA STIMULUS MONEY. Oh, and by the way, the body scanners are easy to defeat by anyone who knows how they work, which is why the Italians and Germans rejected therm long ago.

    1. LTCB says:

      Let’s not forget that their argument to the “x-rays” you get in a doctor’s office is a spurious argument. It’s totally irrelevant. Number one, IT’S A DOCTOR OR A SKILLED X-RAY TECHNICIAN DOING IT. In TSA’s case, it’s a high-school drop-out. Number two, unless you travel only once or twice every FIVE YEARS, you’re NOT getting the same dose as you would from an X-RAY because you’re going back through the darn thing multiple times a year and the travel is mandated by your company. So, do I sue my company or the TSA when the whole thing goes South?

      1. Tmac says:

        I believe that it is illegal for TSA workers to wear radiation badges, that the X-ray machines have no “radiation” markings on them and that they are inspected by the original manufacturer, a clear conflict of interest.

      2. JA says:

        Also note that the TSA is the first [of many?] to radiate Americans for NON-medical reasons. The DC lobbying effort to get the machines in airports was also sickening to read about.

  2. Regulas says:

    TSA = Gestapo and a new Neo Fascist Amerika

  3. Joe Kipler says:

    Great article. The picture you show is the type of machine that produces no radiation, and instead uses radio waves, and a ring will not set off either of the machines, so the caption is wrong.

    The three comments from your stereotypical paranoid Drudge readers make for an amusing afterthought.

    1. nunya says:

      Hmm, you criticise but offer no proof of you allegations or logic. Instead, you hurl an insult at a specific group of people like a bigot.

      See what I did there…. 🙂

      1. Tmac says:


        I think you mean “Presidents”

    2. LTCB says:

      Glad to know who’s drinking the koolaid, Joe. It isn’t paranoia unless it isn’t true. In this and the last administrations cases, it is true. Your freedoms and your rights are RAPIDLY being eroded by your “representative” government. If you don’t find that sort of thing disturbing, then you won’t mind a bit if it was a RIGHT WING takeover of the government and you LIBERALS who were locked up, will you? We ALL have freedom under the Constitution or NONE OF US DOES.

      1. Constitution says:

        The constitution? Ohhhhhh you mean that thing the president uses for a doormat. gotcha.

    3. Gizelle says:

      If not wanting to be viewed naked and groped by some stranger at the airport means, in your narrow view, that I am “paranoid” then so be it. Since you are happy with naked body scanners and groping then I suggest you avoid Fort Lauderdale airport.

    4. Klaus says:

      “Radio waves”? Good one. Yes, microwaves are a type of radio waves.

      There are 2 kinds of TSA scanners. One bombards you with X-rays, and the other positions you inside a microwave oven.

      Both cause cancer. The TSA refuses to release the data, and if they ever do, it will be fake.

      There is no such thing as a safe level of radiation.

    5. Rick says:

      @ Joe – Radio waves ARE by definition radiation. The question is whether it is ionizing or non-ionizing radiation. The image is of the millimeter or radio wave (nonionizing) scanner while the video shows the backscatter X-ray (ionizing). There are certainly other reasons why these should be removed other than ionizing radiation; e.g. privacy, cost (financial and liberty), effectiveness. As a side note, Joe sounds like a boot-licker.

  4. oldgeez says:

    “The TSA has repeatedly said the scanners are less dangerous than common X-rays.”

    And that’s the problem….common x-rays aren’t something that you would want to expose yourself to multiple times per week, multiple weeks per year. That’s why the x-ray tech goes behind a protective wall.

    And of course, if the scanners are THAT safe, why won’t BigSis and Obama and his family all go through them every time they travel?

  5. Todd M says:

    The reason why the slimy Broward Commission is acting is probably two reasons. Some contractor wants to sell them new machines for payola. The other is people are fed up with the abuse at the airport and with flying. The airport is the golden goose for tax money. Joe Kipler is wrong. Radio waves? Microwaves use radio waves Joe. Looks like you have been exposed to them a little too long.

    I suggest people fly out of West Palm because is far less of a third world headache than Lauderdale.

  6. Precision Mary says:

    Unfortunately scanners are big bizness-look at Ron Chertoff and Deepak Chopra who are heavily invested if not outright own the co’s. that manufacture them. Scanners demean the citizens of the US and we are treated as the enemy. We aren’t the enemy !

    1. deskboy says:

      Deepak Chopra????
      Please elaborate. While I google this.


      1. captain obvious says:

        not the author Chopra lol, its some dude that has the same name

  7. urdrwho says:

    Think about the lie from the TSA about your safety at the airport.

    It is not hidden knowledge a gallon of gasoline has over 110,000 BTU’s, a lot of stored energy.

    If there really was as many terrorist threats as we are to believe, why hasn’t anyone bombed the airport terminal. The terminal has more people than an airplane. You have people carrying bags, boxes and luggage. All that it would take is 4 people, each spaced 150 feet apart, with 2 gallons of gasoline in a piece of luggage (leave some room for gas vapors), attach some form of ignition to the gasoline in the luggage. Imagine the carnage at the airport from the incendiary event. No difference if I die in a plane or in the terminal….I am still dead.

    So if there is no absolute safety when traveling what is the TSA about, when I fly why do I need to get any radiation no matter how small?

    I’d rather live in a free country than losing my freedom for the false sense of safety.

    1. Marco says:

      Buddy, you’re in for it now. Big Sis is coming and the black helicopters will soon be hovering over your house.

      1. urdrwho says:

        Nah — I’ve got all my anti-snooping mechanisms in force. They can’t see or find me.

    2. Chris Edens says:

      Great points. It’s the typical short-sightedness of our government. Ever wonder why Big Sis and her ilk want nothing to do with them? She even refused to go through it during a demo of the product before they were deployed. She isn’t stupid, she just expects the rest of us to be.

      Good luck connecting the cancer you will get from this to the TSA and machines. Funny thing, the company that makes them repairs and inspects them with no oversight. Don’t you feel safer? I just refuse to fly until these things are removed.

  8. nunya says:

    Follow the money, left or right has nothing to do with it. Its all about power, control, and maintaining that power.

  9. Destroy_TSA says:

    “The TSA has repeatedly said the scanners are less dangerous than common X-rays.”

    Yet with common X-rays, the doctor has the patient wear a lead vest and the nurse steps out of the room. At airports, we are completely exposed. So do not trust anything the TSA has to say. After all, TSA agents are nothing more than perverts and pedophiles sanctioned by the government.

    1. db_cooper says:

      In any case, how does the TSA know this? Did the American Assocation of Radiological Sciences conclude this after exhaustive studies? Sorry, but I don’t go to the TSA for my science info.

  10. thomas jefferson says:

    Finally- some good news- this is the 1st step to me getting on a plane again- next they need to ABOLISH the “TSA” and the feel ups (sexual crimes they commit everyday) and i’ll fly again- but at least its a step in the RIGHT direction

  11. Just me says:

    Isn’t it funny that those top high ranking officials who make the claims that the Body Scanners are safe are exempt from using them? I wonder how hard it is to make such claims as you fly around in tax paid for luxury Air Force jets while sipping champagne and eating chocolate covered strawberries.

  12. Zach W. says:

    The TSA has FAILED every single challenge test performed by the US Inspector General’s Office for the past 10 years. People would be absolutely amazed how much they have gotten through even with these UNSAFE ANY SETTING Scanners. Moreover, the TSA has never submitted a single Secure1000 (new) for independent and authoritative scientific analysis. It is part of the false security charade, Removing them is the smartest move any city could make. The TSA does not have final say. They cannot impost Federal jurisdiction they were never given,

  13. Helipilot says:

    I hearsd the TSA guys are coming down woth TESTICULAR CANCER.

  14. Ban the Scan says:

    1. Highly educated professors agree that the scanners cause cancer.

    2. The government agrees that the scanners cause cancer because they admit that a certain percent of the population will get cancer from going through the scanners.

    Isn’t it nice to know that the government doesn’t mind some of us getting cancer.

    And don’t believe the hype that the Millimeter Wave scanners are any safer. It’s a new technology and untested. Consider it a microwave and don’t believe those that tell you differently.

  15. dano says:

    I think most of America doesn’t trust what the government says anymore, it’s a shame the bureacrats have done this to their own people.

    1. db_cooper says:

      Unfortunately, you are wrong… I fly all the time and I ALWAYS opt out when it becomes clear that I can’t avoid the scanner lines. I see almost NO ONE else opt out. They go through the machine like sheep. It’s pathetic.

  16. Freeman says:

    Follow the money on those scanners. Michael Chertoff’s company for Head of Homeland Security.

    1. db_cooper says:

      Chertoff, the father of the cancer machine, belongs in PRISON.

  17. nemo says:

    Remember how they were brought in too…right after the socalled underwear bomber who was assisted onto the plane and didn’t set off his underwear until the last ten minutes and look drugged most of the trip…why? Google kurt haskell too and what he saw.

  18. Mike G says:

    I hope the commissioners have the balls to stand up to the TSA, but I suspect they will back down to the TSA Gestapo in the end.

  19. LTCB says:

    I propose we ALL stop bathing before flying. As a matter of fact, have a good “accident” in your shorts for them to have something to find.

  20. Blood Runs Irish 1916 says:

    There will be a dramatic attack soon enough brought to you by the criminal corporate government who will stop at nothing to keep the war/security contracts going. The new Martial Law Freedom Act of 2012 has already been written. They’re just waiting on Iran to finally lash out after getting poked repeatedly.

    I bet they release a modified deadly flu from 1918 that will keep people from congregating and talking to each other – saves on riot control expenses. Instead they’ll stay indoors anxiously watching the government news listening carefully to fear updates.

  21. Pf Wag says:

    Notice they don’t say how much radiation a passenger is receiving? Part of the problem is that they are using old technology. The newest scanner is ultra-low radiation and the scan delivers less radiation than a passenger will get on a medium distance air flight. A small American company, Valley Forge Composite Technology, makes it. The technology is from Russia. The TSA buys inferior stuff from the cabal of DOD players.

    1. Gizelle says:

      For a lot of us it isn’t about who we buy the machines from so TSA can continue their police state control of our bodies. It’s about the police state control over our bodies.

      TSA doesn’t do what they need to do to rout out terrorists. They just simply wield whatever expensive machinery the lobbyists sell to our congresspersons and grope around passengers whether they have cause to believe the person is hiding something dangerous on their person or not.

      1. gizelle says:

        Oh! I forgot and then become confused about what they are groping for; money belts; back braces etc.

  22. Bryan says:

    The x-ray scanners emit WAY less radiation than medical x-rays. The fact is you get more radiation from FLYING than you do from the scanners……You also get WAY more radiation than other people depending on where you live. If these levels of radiation were that much of a real concern, we should evacuate the states of Colorado and Maine because people who live there are exposed to higher levels of radiation than, say, people in Arkansas……..

    The fact is that the fear of radiation from these scanners is bogus.

    1. Rocco Giuliano says:

      To me, the biggest argument against the scanners is that they are easy to defeat by anyone who knows how they work. TSA spent ONE BILLION DOLLARS in ARRA stimulus money on technology that is useless. It’s the explosive trace portal debacle all over again. TSA has a history of spending and deploying without **thinking** (which is, after all, an essential part of the process, or would be if TSA were serious about security, which they are not).

  23. RealAmerican says:

    google “cancer clusters TS” and see the cover up about an increase in TSA workers getting cancer.

  24. mark edward marchiafava says:

    People are STILL flying? WHY?

    1. db_cooper says:

      1) I want to see my family from time to time.
      2) My job requires it.

      If I move close to my family, I won’t have a job, and can’t pay my bills.
      If I never see my family, my job becomes somewhat meaningless to me.

      Ayway, why should I have to stop flying? I am not a freaking terrorist!!

  25. Thomas says:

    “While Broward County can pass the ban, the ultimate decision will come from the TSA on whether or not to keep the technology in place.”
    The ultimate decision will come from the Broward County Sheriff, elected by the people of Broward County, the Chief Law Enforcement Officer in the county and the only Constitutionally mandated law enforcement, and then from the people.

  26. EllieEnlightened says:

    About time somebody wised up.

  27. adam walts says:

    The TSA is a terrorist outfit, just like our gov’t.

  28. Scott says:

    I look good naked, I figure it brightens the day of the TSA worker looking at the images, he or she mostly sees ugly people, so its a nice change of pace for them

    1. Gizelle says:

      I am not prudish either but I like to choose whether or not I am seen naked and who sees me.

      Some people have been sued for millions for doing less than what TSA does to us and we have porn, pedophiliac and sexual harassment laws to say nothing of the 4th Amendment. More importantly none of what they do is geared to catching terrorists, if they actually catch one this way it will be co-incidence.

  29. James Woods says:

    The T&A has said that their scanners are safer than x-rays? Well let’s give them the benefit of the doubt for a second.

    I haven’t had an x-ray in more than 10 years yet if I were to fly i’d be getting radiated probably everytime.

    Surely the studies involved with the effects of x-rays figured in how frequently a person gets one done.

    Won’t catch me in an airport until the t&a is out and private security is in.

  30. 53percenter2 says:

    That is why I will not fly until the TSA is abolished and I use to be a frequent flyer. I will not give up my freedoms for the perception of security. Anyone who does is a fool.

    1. db_cooper says:

      yet, you are giving up your freedom to enter willingly into a private contract with an air carrier.

      1. Gizelle says:

        The government has said that in order to enjoy the benefit of a private contract with an air carrier one has to subject oneself to the police state tactics the government forces on us that were not part of the contract with the air carrier.

  31. thomas jefferson says:

    The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.
    —- this is OUR 4th Amendment which the TSA and this “criminal” govt VIOLATE everyday! LEARN IT/KNOW IT the TSA IS UNCONSTITUTIONAL!

  32. s finch says:

    I was an X-ray Tech for 9 years, top of my class…chem instructor was a Nuclear Power Inspector for State of Calif.

    These machines are not safe. At the very minimum your eyes, neck and testicles should be shielded from these things. Skin cancer, thyroid cancer, reproductive harm to males in particular and cataracts will increase per capita. Your odds are completely random, but increase with greater exposure just like playing the lottery.

  33. RodgerDoger says:

    “While Broward County can pass the ban, the ultimate decision will come from the TSA on whether or not to keep the technology in place.”

    Wrong, we the people will ultimately decide to get rid of the useless TSA and their heavy-handed intrusive tactics. They’ve never stopped a single terrorist.

    1. db_cooper says:

      From your lips to God’s ears, my friend.