MIAMI GARDENS ( – The problems on the field this year for the Dolphins and the Hurricanes have been well documented – from cracks in the defense to the strain on the offense. But the real problems inside Sun Life Stadium aren’t at field level. They are high above – where few are looking.

According to records obtained by CBS4 News, there are serious issues with nearly every speaker hanging from the upper deck lights.

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Drawings prepared months ago for stadium officials and stamped confidential, document all of the problems with the upper deck speakers revealing how a decade of wind, rain and harsh sun have taken their toll.

According to the records, the speakers show signs of wood rot, mounting bolt corrosion, separated grilles and severe box cracks.

CBS4’s Jim DeFede recently went to a Dolphin game and noted that the speakers directly above his head, according to the records, were fatigued.

The bolts holding the speakers in place were severely corroded and the box containing the speaker was cracked and the wood rotted.

Concerned by the discoveries documented on the blueprints, Dolphin officials then went out and hired a structural engineering firm to re-examine the speakers.

The team refuses to release the results of that second study. The team also refused to say what steps the engineer recommended to make sure the speakers are safe.

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In a statement to CBS4 News, the team said:

“To ensure that Sun Life Stadium is safe for our fans and guests, experts regularly inspect the facility – including a recent assessment of our speakers by a structural engineer. Based on this most recent information, we are confident that our speakers are secure and do not pose a safety risk.”

Fans we spoke to were concerned.

“I’m glad I got free tickets today, so I can risk my life and watch the losing Dolphins,” one fan sighed before a recent game.

“Oh, that’s not good,” noted another fan.

“Definitely going to be looking up a little more often,” said Garret Alvarez.

Alvarez, who brought his nine-year-old son to a recent game, just wanted to know what officials were doing about it.

“If they’ve written reports about it they should definitely get on it because you don’t want any fans getting hurt out here,” he said.

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The dolphins say they are in the process of replacing all of the speakers. They are currently reviewing bids. It’s not known when the speakers will finally be taken down.

Jim DeFede