MIAMI ( – The Miami Marlins dream lineup of having Jose Reyes at shortstop and Hanley Ramirez at third base is now looking doubtful.

According to, Ramirez has told the team that he doesn’t intend on playing third base and that his intention is to play no other position than shortstop and that he would rather be traded than switch positions.

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It puts the Marlins free agent spending spree in a tough situation.

The Marlins have $47 million committed to Ramirez over the next three years.

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But, Ramirez’s act has worn on the fans in recent years.

Marlins manager Ozzie Guillen said Tuesday that he understood what Ramirez is feeling and that he plans to talk to him about the acquisition of Ramirez, according to

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If Ramirez is intent on playing shortstop and refuses to move, the Marlins may not have a lot of trade partners out there willing to take on Hanley’s contract and his constant attitude.