MIAMI (CBS4) – More than 100 South Floridians boarded buses Monday morning for a trip to Washington D.C. where they will join thousands of others in a ‘Take Back Our Capitol’ event.

Most of those who went from here are part of the 1Miami movement.

The ‘Take Back Our Capitol’ event will include a number of rallies throughout the week where activists will protest what they perceive as Congress’ failure to serve the people during a time of economic crisis.

A website for the movement said peaceful demonstrations and ‘speak outs’ will be held in front of the Capitol building and legislative offices on K Street.

“Apparently our politicians don’t realize what is happening in our neighborhoods and on our streets in terms of unemployment, the lack of affordable housing in terms of lack of access to jobs,” said Subhas Kateel. “So we really want to take a strong jobs message to our politicians directly.”

Members of 1Miami have planned a sit-in at Senator Marco Rubio’s office.

The ‘Take Back The Capitol’ website says the goal of the movement is to “remind Congress to represent all Americans, not just the richest one percent.”