MIAMI ( – Former Miami Dolphins defensive tackle Igor Olshansky was one of 280 people arrested as part of a Broward Sheriff’s department crackdown called, “Operation Cold Turkey.”

Olshansky, who was released by the Miami Dolphins earlier this week, was arrested and charged with possession of marijuana as part of the sweep.

According to the BSO report, Olshansky was found in his home rolling a marijuana cigarette.

He also had a “clear baggie with approximately 19 grams of marijuana,” according to the police report.

The crackdown was targeting street-level drug dealers, prostitutes, and convicted felons with firearms.

The sweep had officers from the BSO, DEA, Homeland Security, FBI, FHP, and ATF.

In addition to the 280 arrests, officers dismantled a grow house, recovered 15 weapons, and seized 2,000 Oxycodone pills, $35,000 in cash, an AK-47, and a sawed-off shotgun.

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  1. Asclowns says:

    So what exactly happened? Cops can now just walk into your house while your sitting on your couch rolling a joint and arrest you??? Last I checked 19 grams is a misdemeanor. Well I guess the public can feel safe now that a big time criminal and his 19 grams of pot are off the street. These cops are such a joke. These cops should be embarrassed to even consider arresting this man. They had better have had warrants and very good probable cause to walk into this man’s house because if not these charges will be dropped in a heartbeat. This will be no sweat for a good criminal lawyer. It’s just more money for the legal mafia (Judges, Lawyers, Police). That is all this is ever about. What a joke!

  2. lee says:

    this is why pot will never be legal. broward county needs a cash infusion, it hits the bottom rung users and collects fines and court costs totalling many thousands of $$$. they took $35K in on the bust.
    the lawyers make money repping the bottom rung folks.
    its a damn racket

  3. lee says:

    they busted a grow house. they probably got alot of these folks via records,phone numbers etc and someone turned on them.
    still pretty pityfully pety

  4. DJ says:

    The crackdown was targeting street-level drug dealers, prostitutes, and convicted felons with firearms.

    And also dudes sitting on their couch rolling a joint, in possession of a very small amount of pot.

    Good thing there aren’t any real crimes going on in Broward County.

  5. nanajo says:

    Not even an ounce and he makes headlines like this! Crazy..

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