MIAMI (CBS4) – The accused fake doctor who allegedly injected people with Fix-a-Flat and cement is talking and she has a very different story from her accusers.

Oneal Ron Morris denied the allegations in an interview with Entertainment Tonight.

Several accusers have come forward saying they paid Morris hundreds of dollars to enhance their bodies with, what they thought was silicone. But police say the injections they got landed them in the emergency room.

“This is my first and last interview,” Morris told ET. “They didn’t catch me doing anything. So they are just allegations. So I’m innocent. I really am innocent or whatever.”

Morris was born a man, but now lives as a woman. Police say she also dramatically enhanced her own body.

“It sounds bizarre, but how could America feel like a person would even put cement in somebody’s bottom, you know it’s just these allegations, I didn’t do any of these things to these people, just know these people who are lying are ruining my life, that’s all I have to say,” said Morris.

Raji Narinesingth says Morris’ injections damaged her face, but she says she was too afraid to go to police. She too was born a man.

“It becomes so dire for your to want to match your outside with your inside, that you’re willing to roll the dice and take chances,” said Narinesingth.

“They keep on lying, but you know the truth will prevail, and you know that’s why we have courts and stuff like that,” said Morris.

Morris is charged with practicing medicine without a license but denies that she’s a doctor imposter.

“If anybody’s the victim, it’s definitely me,” she said.

Police say Morris had an accomplice in all of this. That person, Corey Eubank, has also been charged with practicing medicine without a license. They are both free on bond.

Police suspect that Morris is part of a network of scam artists who prey on people who want to change their appearance but can’t afford to pay for traditional cosmetic surgery.

Police said Morris may have other victims that may be afraid to come forward. They urge any potential victims, or anyone with more information on Morris, to call Miami Gardens Police at 305-474-1420.