MIAMI (CBSMiami) – The Miami Rescue Mission is continuing their Thanksgiving tradition by feeding the homeless.

Thanksgiving is a time to be surrounded by family and friends but that’s not always possible for some people. That’s where the Miami Rescue Mission comes in. It makes sure that everyone has somewhere to go to give thanks and enjoy a good meal.

The Miami Rescue Mission and its Broward Outreach Centers in Hollywood and Pompano Beach fed more than a thousand people this Thanksgiving.

“This is something where we don’t want children, we don’t want mothers, we don’t fathers to go without that great turkey dinner,” said Casey Angel of the Miami Rescue Mission.

Chefs have been preparing all week and are grateful to give something back to the community.

Head chef Calvin McFadden is also a graduate of the Mission.

“I came to the Miami Rescue Mission eight years ago and the Mission helped me get my life back together so I feel grateful to give somebody this kind of service,” said McFadden who was hard at work in the kitchen early Thursday.

McFadden and the rest of the kitchen staff started prepping for this massive meal more than a week ago. They served more than 250 turkeys, 600 pounds of mashed potatoes, 150 pounds of stuffing, 50 gallons of gravy and 250 scrumptious pies.

More than 600 volunteers took part in Thursday’s Great Thanksgiving Banquet and Outside Block parties including Mission graduate Harce Blue.

“This is an opportunity for me to give back,” said Blue.

The Miami Rescue Mission has three campuses in Miami-Dade and Broward where served 2.500 meals but it’s not just about the food.

“The homeless are able to come off the street and get a free haircut and shower and they’re able to get something that makes them feel good inside. And we have intake tables at the three campuses so we try to encourage people that there’s something better. They’re able to get off the street and there’s a brighter future for them,” said Casey Angel of the Miami Rescue Mission.

“We are trying to help them and  encourage them to come off the streets and maybe enroll in one of our programs or maybe a program that is similar to ours,” added Angel. His final point, “There is a tomorrow and it can always be brighter than today.”