MIAMI ( – If you’re planning on flying for the holidays, you’re more than likely prepared for the onslaught of baggage fees airlines can’t wait to charge you. But, a new Senate bill may be music to your ears.

According to the Washington Post, Congress is considering limiting the bag fees that airlines can charge.

The high price of checked baggage has led to slow-downs in airport security as people try to fit everything they can into a carry-on bag. It also creates a problem on planes as the first passengers on are the only ones who get to stow their bags overhead.

The Post reported that the new bill would let passengers check one bag for free and also prohibit fees for regular-size carry-on bags.

It would also force airlines to tell travelers all restrictions on size, weight and number of bags before they get to the airport and make public all fees for all types of baggage and preferred seating.

The changes could force Miramar-based Spirit Airlines to re-think their travel fees. Spirit charges not only for checked baggage, but also for carry-on bags.

According to the Post, in 2008-2009, airlines collected a total of $3.9 billion in checked-luggage fees.


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