SOUTHWEST MIAMI-DADE (CBS4) – The turkey isn’t even in the oven yet and, already, some people are camping out for Black Friday sales.

One woman in Southwest Miami-Dade says she wants to be the first to get her hands on the bargains and has a good reason for doing it three days early.

“You want what you want, you better be number one,” said Ana Giaras, who pitched a tent right in front of the Best Buy store on Bird Road.

She says she’s done this every year since her kids were about five, but this year, she says getting a good deal is important.

Ana lost her banking job in June. She works part-time. Her husband, Michael, is unemployed. But they still want to give their teenagers good gifts.

“It’s a certain, like, oh my god, I waited all this time and I got it,” said Ana.

If you think they’re uncomfortable, not quite. They’ve got a pretty good bed inside the tent, some food, some drinks, and even some Oreo cookies.

“Plus I have my daughter’s panda bear, to keep me company,” said Ana.

She also has her husband of 22 years.

“She’s constantly looking for the best deal. Constantly. Money or no money,” said Michael Giaras.

Michael will often stay behind so Ana could go home to shower. He’ll admit, it’s a little bizarre, but, “she needs support on this. This is my Christmas present to her,” he said.

Shoppers walking by have something to say.

“I mean, they want to get a good buy! Go for it,” said shopper Renee Penrod.

“I think it’s interesting. More power to them. I hope they get whatever they want,” said shopper Amanda Gancedo.

“Everybody has there opinion. So have a nice day,” said Michael.

“Family is number one and to make your family happy, however it may be, with whatever little money you may have, you have to make it happen and make sacrifices. That’s what it’s all about. It’s for the family,” said Ana.


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