Parents, get ready for some sticker shock.  Your kids don’t want Legos or Barbies for Christmas this year.   Instead, they want iPads.

Surveys have shown kids want electronics more than anything else this year, so Nielsen looked specifically at which ones.

Their study found forty four per cent of kids aged six to twelve are asking Santa for an iPad.

Apple’s tablet computer is by far the most wanted gift.  The iPod Touch and iPhones are the next most popular.  What is it about Apple?  Incredibly, all those Apple gadgets are more desirable than XBoxes, Playstations, regular computers or TV sets.

When I was that age, what I wanted was Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robots.  I know I probably sound like an old fogey who’s overly nostalgic for the past, but back then those robots were high tech.

It was the best Christmas gift I ever got and a lot cheaper than an iPad.

And talking about iPads under the Christmas tree, if my kids are reading, don’t even think about it.


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