MIAMI (CBS4)- For some, living in South Florida is synonymous with living with allergies, and now new reports indicates that some medications could possibly lead to blindness.

Dustin Jacobs is one of those South Floridians living with allergies.

“You wake up in the morning and you have the headache and the drainage issues and congestion… not fun,” Jacobs said. “Living in South Florida often means living with allergies.”

Jacobs said he went to the doctors and said, “I’m tired of this can you do something to help me?”

Jacobs was provided with a nose spray, but the 28-year-old had no idea that the prescription allergy medication could possibly lead to glaucoma.

Glaucoma is when pressure builds up in the eye so much that you lose peripheral vision and in extreme cases you may go blind, CBS4’s Cynthia Demos reported.

Fortunately Jacobs is not in the dark anymore because he wears glasses.

Optometrist Dr. Barry Kay interviewed Jacobs about medicines he was taking.

“It came up in history,” Kay said. “It came up that the allergy medicine he was taking was a potential threat. He was totally unaware.”

Jacob’s eyes checked out, but Kay said he’ll continue to monitor his eyes in the future.

The probability with glaucoma can increase with age. If taking allergy medications consumers need to look out for prescription nose sprays with steroids. They may be OK, but it’s always best to monitor your eyes just in case, Demos reported.