MIAMI (CBS4)- Occupy Miami protesters marched in Little Havana and in the Brickell Avenue banking district Thursday afternoon.

The group, joined by 1Miami and Stand Up Florida, held a rally at José Martí Park.   Protesters included health care workers, union and clergy members as well as the unemployed.

Letter carrier, Laurie Miale said she attended the march in part because, “there’s a threat to eliminating Saturday delivery of mail and closing postal offices in our area.”

Psychiatric Nurse, Omayra Hernandez said she participated because, “We’re here to support all those people that don’t have jobs or have minimal jobs.”

Protesters headed east on Calle Ocho and make their way to Brickell Park for their rally. Organizers said they are protesting “politics and corporate practices that continue to hurt working families.”

“Public desperation and dissatisfaction is growing with large financial institutions and their political cronies, so it’s no surprise that our protests are gaining support,” Jose Suarez, spokesman for 1Miami, said in a statement.

Across the country protesters staged demonstrations marking two months since the start of the Occupy Wall Street movement.

In New York, protesters filled the street even jumped on top of vans. More than 300 people were arrested across the country, but in Miami, protesters remained peaceful.

“I think it’s essential that it stays peaceful.   I  think the way we attract support is to demonstrate by our actions that we’re responsible people. We’re not how they’re painting us we’re constructive people we want to be respected,” Former public defender Bennett Brummer explained.

Occupy Fort Lauderdale also gathered at 10 a.m. at100 N. Andrews Avenue in Fort Lauderdale, until 1 p.m.

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For a list of events across the U.S. visit Occupy Together’s Web site.