MIAMI (CBSMiami) -Two teenagers were killed and a third was sent to the hospital after an early Saturday morning crash that snarled traffic in both directions of the Dolphin Expressway (SR 836).

The accident happened at approximately 2:30 a.m. Saturday near NW 17th Avenue, in the Civic Center area. The Florida Highway Patrol confirmed the car, traveling westbound, struck a light post along the expressway, virtually splitting the car in two. The car ended up in the eastbound lanes.

Inside the car were three teenagers. The driver, 17-year-old Alejandra Maria Gomez, and the passenger, 18-year-old Jenifer S. Garcia, were pronounced dead at the scene.

“She was my best friend. She was everything to me,” sobbed Virgina Lugo, Alejandra’s sister. “I still can’t believe this happened to her. I feel like anytime now she’s gonna come and tell me it was all just a dream.”

The third person in the vehicle, identified as 18-year-old Tatiana Davila, was taken to Ryder Trauma Center. She was in the back seat of the 2001 Saturn Sl2, police said.

836crash2 2 Dead, 1 Hospitalized After Dolphin Expressway Crash

The car involved in the 836 accident split in half. (Source: CBS4)

“That section of the car was projected about a hundred feet,” said Carlos Davila, Tatiana’s father. “She was inside the seat and the seat belt actually kept her inside which is what saved her bottom line.”

He said Davila was in stable condition, alert and talking. But her father said she is still unaware that her friends did not survive.

“We’re waiting, a delicate situation like this you don’t want to throw anything like this hard,” said Davila.

According to the police report, Gomez’s vehicle swerved to the left and then back to the right while crossing the inside lane and shoulder. Soon after, the vehicle started spinning and hit the concrete wall.

When the car was split in two it ended up in the westbound and eastbound lanes of the 836.

Davila was found still belted in her seat.

Gomez was wearing her seat belt during the incident, the report said. Garcia, the front seat passenger, was not wearing a seat belt and was ejected out of her seat during the accident, according to the police report.


Comments (85)
  1. clo56 says:

    Drugs? Alcohol? Sad, very sad.

  2. Jimbo99 says:

    Probably just a poor/bad driver, can’t save these people from themselves, they weren’t supposed to make it.

    1. Carol says:

      I couldn’t agree with you more if I tried.

  3. Carol says:

    These were children drinking and thought it would be fun to race and look what happened.

    What I want to know where are their parents allowing them to be out so late because we aren’t talking adults here.

  4. Lala says:

    The driver went to my school, so sad 😦

  5. vlad says:

    It’s simple. High Speed from 70 to 80 makes a big difference. They were speeding over 70 mph otherwise the car wouldnt have split in 2. RIP, my deepest condolences to the family.

  6. Willie Colon says:

    Cheap us car. If it was a volvo they be alive. And had some smarts

  7. Maria says:

    I witnessed the accident as they almost hit me when they flew by. They were going over 90mps for sure. It was a terrible tragedy to experience -stopping and not being able to help.
    I pray for the families to find the strength to handle their loss. RIP girls.

    1. Jimbo99 says:

      Too Fast, Too Furious.

    2. Pedro Talavera says:

      You can not prove tha (that they will be alive if in a Volvo)t. We don’t know how fast they were going. A Saturn can hit 125 MPH. So how fast they were going can’t be known yet. A Volvo? Volvos are a bit harder than most cars but not indestructible, take it from me. A 32 year experience body man ad ASE Master mechanic.

      1. Pedro Talavera says:

        My condolences to family and friends

      2. PepeSchwartz says:

        Pedro, the writer was using a metaphor to prove a point. I know hispanics do not know what that is as well as not knowing how to properly drive on the roads of Miami.

      3. shannon says:

        that was my cousin tatiana and i thank god for not taking her away

      4. martin handler says:

        LOL TO SHANNON ^

      5. Reggie says:

        I have yet to see a Saturn that can ACTUALLY hit 125. As a Master ASE tech, you SHOULD know the limiter regulates these vehicles and cannot actually reach these speeds unless modified. I highly doubt this 2000 Saturn was modified to race..

        So back to the REAL facts… Three families are changed forever.. God Bless all who are impacted by this tragedy.

  8. dade says:

    whats sad is the way people say that they were drunk maybe they were but no one knows that what ever the case is its sad no matter what

  9. Diana E Diaz says:

    seat belts are very very important. whether you are going to the mall or around the corner. things happen in split seconds and we do not realize how one easy click could have made a change. whats worse is that even though we leave this earth, our families are the ones who stay here mourning our death and having no exact reason as to what we were thinking when this happened. the driver is vigis sister, a girl i went to school with. sadly nothing else can be said but r.i.p to the two lives that were lost today.

  10. emilio says:

    10 points for the wall , 0 for the car, go speed racer go . where are the parents, it don`t matter any more

  11. Phil Landers says:

    The speed limit there is 55mph I believe and that kind of damage looks like 90+ mph. Don’t do 90+mph in an old Saturn with an inexperienced driver. I used to clean up/ recover accident scenes. I’ve seen this scenario played out before.

    1. Phil Landers says:

      Myself being a certified heavy wrecker operator and having recovered many an accident scene / driver error, I would have to say that idiocy has no lines of ethnicity.
      I admit to having done 140 mph on the highway once but nobody else was around and the car plus the tires on it are DESIGNED to do 180 mph plus I have much driving chops. And know when to back down . . . .

    2. Gisel says:

      Excuse me but all cuban do not drive as if there was no speed limit signs, you should be more respectful to the memory of these girls and take your ugly comments to another place.

      1. Ingles Please says:

        Lady, you are excused for bad grammar. What place should we take are comments. Mam, what town do you live in? No all cubans drive as if there were not street or speed limit signs. Come back to reality por favor.

    3. cubanito says:

      @trukin—>look here red neck…first of all before castro americans used to spend theyre weekend getting drunk and having blast in cuba making a mess for us to clean up,second of all if it was not for cubans south florida would be farm land we built miami,third of all when the civil war was goin on cuban women sold theyre jewlery to fund the war….dont get mad because paco the ups driver was tapping your wife all those year and every day your kids look more and more cuban…..point is people died and hopefully others will learn from theyre mistakes, every other weekend someones dead on 95 and its getting old..god bless them

  12. Jerry Talerico says:

    If they were going west bound on 836 at 2:30am, they were probably coming home after partying in South Beach. I have personally seen many accidents on west bound 836. I am surprised they made it as far as the civic center area. Usually most fatalities are on the causeway near star island or watson island. I have seen bodies on the side of the causeway, covered in black plastic, with nothing more than dress shoes sticking out. If you drink You should NOT drive!!! If you are 17 to 21, you should NOT be out partying, drinking and driving!!! Shame on you. I am sorry about what happened but they can kill innocent people on the road. There needs to be greater police enforcement in that area!

    1. Sasha says:

      I completely agree.
      Parents? Why are you letting out your 17-18 daughters out so late? Well then again, rebellious teens that feel they are grown and too smart to take advice from their parents will hit the club and drink regardless of the house rules. A friend of mine died because of drunk driving, a 19 year hit him 2 months back. For all you party goers, please use better judgement.

  13. RANDRAND says:


  14. Domingo says:

    shame that so manny kids are killing them self in car crashes but when its all over i bet there was drinking and going to fast todays kids thet think there invinsivals and you cant tell them anything cause they think they know it all like i said shame about the kids that lost there lifes and my prayers go out to the familys of them may they rest in peace and god be with them and i hope that other kids will see these and what happen and stop and think before they get bihinde the wheel of a car drunk or after coming from a night of party.

  15. MW says:

    I taught both of these girls in elementary school. Stayed in touch with them since. They were great, special people. RIP Jennifer and Alejandra.

    (Can we keep insensitive posts to ourselves? Have some respect.)

    1. DavyAndretti says:

      Obviously, you did not teach them in Driver’s Education. I was hoping they would have slammed into a couple of my teachers I had in elementary school while driving 100 mph. They were so great… not.

    2. Gisel says:

      I totally agree with you, people need to take their ugly comments to another place. This is not a blog about your opinion on other peoples driving or what could have happened. So please take your very disrespectful comments to another place.. WOW

      1. Driver says:

        I’m sorry, but you’re really off base. Unless the car was defective and caused the accident, something done by the people in that car caused an accident with such force and violence it ripped the car in half. They were NOT on that highway alone. It is only luck and the grace of god someone else was not hurt or killed. It’s a fair question what were these kids doing out at that hour, speeding like there was nobody else on the road? Their deaths are tragic, but someone in that car most likely bears responsibility. Nobody is helped by choking off discussion of why this happened. People are angry, both about the senseless death and also about the risk to others. Or, was it OK for these kids to be speeding on the highway in the dark of night, putting themselves and everyone else in danger.

      2. Just sayin says:

        driver that makes sense. one girl was 17, did nobody care she was out with the drunkies and whoever on the roads while her parents were snoring.

      3. HarryHispanic says:

        The comment board is based on opinions mam. Eventually, there will be other accidents involving hispanics driving at excessive speeds and killing themselves The US is a democracy. I know Cuba does not allow these freedoms, but this is not a south american country although they way people drive you would think it is.

      4. MW says:

        No one is saying this is not an important discussion, only that this is the wrong place for it. Especially when all being put forward about the girls’ parents is conjecture.

  16. sheyla says:

    All you ignorant people that are saying they were drunk are wrong I knew the driver for years and she’s not a “crazy teenager” so I would like if you showed some respect

    1. RAND MAJESTIC says:


      1. pepe schwartz says:

        They had potential to be excellent formula one or stock car drivers. However, they were not drinking as the crazy lady says, but traveling at 100 miles per hour is fine. Hispanics have no conception of reality.

    2. SirTextAlot says:

      No, you are crazy because you believe these derelicts were not drinking, but probably texting their boyfriends. She was terror on the road I am sure.

    3. Race Carz says:

      She was not a “crazy teenager”… she was a daredevil. She should have gone to Richard Petty driving school to become a stock car driver. I have to ask the friends or relatives of this girl a question did she idolize Danica Patrick?

  17. sheyla says:

    Its amazing how people can be so cold and closed minded, someone died and you still judge her, before you write an ignorant comment think about what your saying but I know you won’t since you feel safe hidden by your computer screens the only bravery you get is when your typing but not in person. Its ridiculous

    1. mommy to an angel says:

      u r right sheyla
      i lost a baby and ist soo sad.
      please dont judge her

    2. Thetruth says:

      No, the comments are the truth. I would gladly tell you in person that this girl was going to kill herself eventually. The posters on this board are open minded and can post their opinions. It is not Cuba (although you would not know it in Miami) and if you can not handle the truth, do not read these comments.

      1. Emy Dominguez says:

        Please explain what being Cuban has anything to do with this tragedy? Hundreds of people (of all Races and Ages) die in car accidents ever day. Please do us all a favor and spare us such stupid remarks.

      2. Gisel says:

        Being cuban has nothing to do with this…. How can you be so ignorant???? please tell me where you are from, that there are no car accidents ???

  18. x says:

    If these girls (not adults) would have not stayed out partying so late, they would be home now. 17 and 18 years olds. I feel sorry for the parents, well maybe.

  19. DW says:

    these comments are unbelievable, no matter the reason, they were too young. they have families, be respectful!
    so sad

    1. kenivel says:

      This girl that caused the accident had no respect for herself or the drivers on 836.

      1. David says:

        Bad judgement, lack of maturity, what do you expect from teens with fake IDs returning from a night of clubbing. Adrenaline rush kills just as drugs and alcohol.

    2. mommy to an angel says:

      u r right

      1. mommy to an angel says:

        u r right DW

  20. Angel says:

    wow its just crazy, i feel so bad for the parents of these girls, im 21 and i use to be reackless but one day i saw a crash with my eyes that change my life, i use to go and race and do all these dumb things, but going 90 in a saturn is not a good idea, saturns are bad cars, ppl if your friends are drinking take there keys away think about it, its ur life, also check ur tires make sure they are not bald, i seen so many crashes, just think and be careful every time you get in a car. R.I.P to these girls

  21. mommy to an angel says:

    lets prey for there families

  22. Douglas Fellenz says:

    speed kills…especially if you are an inexperienced driver. of course when you are a youngster, you already know everything, so go ahead

  23. LM says:

    If the driver was 17, she was violating the law by driving after 1 AM. 17 year old drivers are not allowed to drive between 1 AM and 5 AM unless there is a 21 year old driver in the car. I’m a parent of a 16 year old driver and my heart goes out to the families because this is the worst nightmare I can imagine. But come on, why were these girls allowed to go out and basically do whatever they wanted with no apparent curfew? Parents need to be parents and put limits on teenagers. I’d rather have my teenager think I’m mean and unreasonable than have to bury him.

    1. Sylvana Troccoli says:


    2. Lacey says:

      Best comment on this thread. Being a 19 year old teen, I am so grateful that my parents are as strict as they are, because personally, when I was a bit younger and driving with my friends I wanted to show off and drive a bit faster, cut people off just to be fun, but then my parents did everything they could to calm me down and value my life and take responsibility. Teens naturally feel invincible and parents are the ones that should be grounding them. It is very sad to hear news about people about my age and just throwing away their lives for a night of fun.

  24. Eclipse says:

    Im sorry but I am cuban and was very wreckless behind the wheel I admit to that but I was young its what teens do ive had many close calls but being cuban had nothing to do with it. these girls did not have die put urself in that car or ur kids tell me how u feel have some respect…stupid people…

  25. !!!MALAFE!!! says:


  26. Jesus Loves You says:

    This is just so sad! to see how millions of lives are lost each day!! thats why we should hold on to God, we never know the day that will be our last. Tomorrow is not promised to no one. Its incredible how Jennifer told Alejandra that their motto was that they only lived once and the next day they go to skyline and this occurs! this already happened so the only think left to do is pray for thier families…God be with their families and guide them in the pathway to eternity and not detruction…God bless you all and never forget that the only one that will never leave you and always be there is God your Father

  27. ChristOnACrutch says:

    Jesus sure did not prevent this girl from hitting a wall at 100 miles per hour. Jesus never even had a driver’s license. Maybe Jesus took the day off???

    1. Jesus Loves You says:

      Jesus could of had prevented this, if these girls were on Gods pathway instead of the world, I seen Jesus heal from cancer all types, diseaes, HIV, STD, blind people, impaired eye vision, people who could walk now walking, many things not healing but many other things, but how is anyone ever going to know Jesus has these gift for you if you never even bothered seeking him..God Bless you, have a blessed day bye.

  28. Fact Or Fiction says:

    These girls were going to be the next nuclear scientists, and probably going to win the noble prize. I knew the girls, and they wanted to conduct a test to determine if hitting a street sign at 98 miles per hour could actually kill you. They loved to watch Myth Busters on Discovery.

    1. Luis says:

      The news lady DID say they were excellent students! I’m sure another bunch of bright students will continue their investigations.

  29. ms says:

    may they rest in peace ❤

  30. chris says:

    thanks to a girl who saves the girls life and shook her awake the girl called her, her angel. its amazing that one of them are still alive its amazing!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. shannon says:

    EVERY ONE NEEDS TO STOPPPP THEY WERE NOT DRINKING ! i thank god that my cosuin is still alive and may the other 2 girls R.I.P IM PRAYING FOR YOU TATIANA ❤

    1. versalles eatery says:

      They were not drinking, but they were most likely texting. I’ll see you at Versalles!

  32. shannon says:

    thank you !!! that was my cousin the one that survived and im thanking god every second !

    1. Grace Mercado says:

      Thank you Shannon. neither of the girls were drinking. people need to leave their ridiculous comments to themselves. I am praying for the other young girls that passed away and their families. But i thank GOD that my younger cousin Tatiana Davila by a miracle survived this tragedy! The whole family is keeping strong in faith for her recovery.

      (To all those with no respect it shameful the remarks i have just read concerning one of my loved ones)

  33. Luis bonilla says:

    My prayers go out to the friends and family.

  34. Kathy says:

    How dare you people say such ugly things about two teenagers that passed away. Yes my friends might have been irresponible by driving fast, but how can you say such hurtfull things like Alex had no respect for herself. Jenny and Alex were amazing girls with huge hearts. Did you think that their family and friends weren’t looking at these comments? Think about how we feel when we see you cold hearted people writing disgusting comments about the ones we loved. Would any of you like it if your bestfriend passed away so tragically like this and the mojority of the comments you see are hateful comments? Please have some respect the my girls and for those who were close to them.

  35. aurora tejas says:

    I am so saddened by the response of some of these people, judging and saying things they have no knowledge of, I lost my niece 12 years ago, 16 years old and she was not driving nor were they drunk nor was it 2:30 am, the pain this causes families I desire no one to have to go through, lets respect these families and pray for them all, my daughter went to school with Jennifer and Tatiana and is taking this very hard. Lets pray for all the affected family and friends. God keep them save and may they never be forgotten.

    1. Bright Bulbs says:

      Aurora, if you are saddened so much by the comments of this board, don’t read the comments. I hope your daughters are not as moronic as this girl, but knowing the mentality of this posters on this site I am sure they are not the brightest bulbs.

  36. A mom, says:

    Many of the comments are insensitive to the family and friends and do not belong here. Many of the them will be seeking answers and closure for this tragedy.

    We should put our energey in trying to help their young adult friends get through this tragic loss…

  37. Yolanda M says:

    Unfortunately this is an unforgettable situation for these families. Let it be a lesson for those parents that have teenagers wanting to drive, better yet wanting “to fly”. Let’s not say what you think happened, don’t go on judging. All I can say, being a parent I don’t want to be in their shoes. Parents get some conscious and think before handing keys to your kids.
    To all of you “take a moment a say a prayer for these angels that decided to fly before their time”.

  38. Jaime says:

    Saturns are made of pure plastic, for allll you people no, she had a blow out & like they said lost control. death is the main part of life & we all have our time. but what is time n.e ways?? take the “time” ur given & tak advantage of it. bc u nvr kno which breath will be your last. im 18, & drive “quickly” to miami every friday with a car FULL of beautiful smart YOUNG girls, ill admit we have alot of distractions when we r having a great its things like THIS tht we learn & grow from.. if this accident ddnt happen, something else would have.its just life!!

    Everybody with the negative b.s GROW UP & realize these young girls made a mistake for us all to take notes from, also they are in a much better place. Love & prayers to the fam.

  39. Steph says:

    I feel like the driver just lost control whether she was under the influence or not. She was in the expressway, she had a learner’s permit and in her facebook about a week or two ago she posted “I learned to drive with my two feet”.. she was still learning to drive. Shouldn’t have been in the expressway. But, things happen. I can’t say much I don’t know any of them but this is a terrible news and I hope many people not only teenagers but adults as well in general think before driving. R.I.p

  40. CF says:

    I cannot believe some of the comments I’ve been reading here! Some people here act so judgemental, condescending and insensitive. As if none of you were ever teenagers. It is sad that this happened but when kids are that young, they don’t really listen too much to adults. For all we know, they could have said they were at a sleepover or something. The fact that they were speeding or out late at night does not mean their parents didn’t take care of them. What does one thing have to do with another?

  41. Involved Mother says:

    Steph mentioned that the driver just got her learners permit. My question is what parent would let their daughter drive at 2am in the morning with a learners permit. I have an 18 yr old that just got her license and pays for her own car and is home at 11pm. If I knew that she was in Miami coming from South Beach that late I would drive down to Miami myself and drag her into my car by her hair. For those parents that can go to sleep without knowing where your kids are try using Sprintfamilylocator to be more in touch with your kids.

  42. Grace Mercado says:

    I am livid to all these remarks i have read, neither of the girls were drinking. People need to leave their ridiculous comments to themselves. I am praying for the other young girls that passed away and their families. But i thank GOD that my younger cousin Tatiana Davila by a miracle survived this tragedy! The whole family is keeping strong in faith for her recovery.

    (To all those with no respect it shameful the remarks i have just read concerning one of my loved ones)

  43. Rose says:

    My condolence to the families. Since I started to read this comments, i have read how CUBAN this and that. I am CUBAN and my driving record is CLEAN. Don’t trash talk and try to blame something or someone and have some respect for the families, thats all.

  44. Davids mom says:

    My condolences to the families of these kids, nobody knows if these kids were drinking because the M.E. needs to conduct his investigation and that’s not a one week job it takes time. My son was the only survivor in a new years eve (2009) wreck that left his 2 best friends dead and they were not drinking texting or high. they were all wearing seat belts and still he alone survived after hitting a brick wall. you have no idea how heartbroken it is for the families of these girls to read these comments, let us mourn for these girls and their loved ones and rejoice that at least one was spared. Judge not lest ye be judged.

  45. Davids mom says:

    My condolences to the families of these kids, nobody knows if these kids were drinking because the M.E. needs to conduct his investigation and that’s not a one week job it takes time. My son was the only survivor in a new years eve (2009) wreck that left his 2 best friends dead and they were not drinking texting or high. they were all wearing seat belts and still he alone survived after hitting a brick wall all due to speeding. you have no idea how heartbroken it is for the families of these girls to read these comments, let us mourn for these girls and their loved ones and rejoice that at least one was spared. Judge not lest ye be judged.

  46. Denise says:

    Really? You ignorant people posting all these rude comments what is wrong with you!Don’t you have feelings what if it was your loved ones in that car would you like people posting IGNORANT comments about them saying all these awful things that are not true! Have some respect, you guys are talking about their parents but you can’t be ones too talk your mother ever taugh you respect? Guess not look at all these nasty comments ya’ll put.They were NOT cuban,Drinking,OR Texting.You people are low-lifes who write negative comments about people who have died!They were beautiful,intelligent,lovely-hearted girls who knew better than to drink and drive!They were probably out in a rush to get home,you can’t talk about their parents cause they were letting their girls have FUN! They were old enough to go to clubs they did not need fake id’s!You people literly disgust me!They also weren’t teens who taught they knew everything!Really just grow up all you “people”writting all these ugly comments you guys are #SAD CASES!

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