MIAMI (CBS4)- The PlayGround Theatre starts off the season by transporting its audience to Asia – with its performance of “The Red Thread.”

“The audience that Playground draws in is incredible”, actress Kate Shine explained to CBS4’s Nicole Maristany.

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And it’s the audience that really makes the show come alive, and that’s what the PlayGround is most passionate about.

“We’re involved with getting theater to as many parts of the population”, said Stephanie Ansin, Artistic Director at the theatre.

Actors from across the country come to The PlayGround to perform, and the unique set and authentic costumes are all handmade.

“Everything is made by the designers here who are just complete geniuses. Everything was inspired by different parts of Asia,” said Shine.

The theatre considers each performance as an opportunity to entertain, and to engage the audience in the arts.

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“Connecting with as many groups in the community as we can so we can so we can learn from each other,” said Ansin.

Throughout the season, the theatre arranges for students from all over South Florida to come and see shows – for free. Even the transportation is coordinated. Their goal is to ensure all students in South Florida have access to the arts.

“Because of our 20,000 kids a year get to see our shows for free so when you get a ticket you’re helping subsidize that gift to the community,” explained Ansin.

And after watching this show, they all come away with a special message.

“If you have something and you keep it close to your heart, just keep going for it and you know nothing will stand in your way,” said Shine.

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