MIAMI ( – Kids in America today get hit with a barrage of issues that are hard for adults to deal with. Unfortunately, that leads many kids and teenagers to suffer from depression at an early age.

Fourteen-year-old Hayley Pace is on multiple prescription medications to help her problems. The meds help Hayley balance out her attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder, anxiety, obsessive compulsive disorder, Tourette Syndrome, and her bipolar disorder.

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But Hayley isn’t letting all the meds bring her down.

“Mental illness isn’t anything to be ashamed of,” Hayley said, “like a kid with diabetes who has to take medication to feel better.”

Hayley said the only shame would be not to deal with it. She said she’s proud to be the poster child of a kid with a mental disorder and every time she sits in her therapist’s office, she sits under a picture of Abraham Lincoln.

“Abe Lincoln suffered suicidal depression,” psychiatrist Dr. Daniel Bober said, “and he was able to change the world and our country.”

Dr. Bober also has a picture of former British prime minister Winston Churchill, who also suffered from mood and bipolar disorders, but like Lincoln, was able to spur change on a worldwide level.

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“Mental illness doesn’t have to be an impediment to you succeeding,” Dr. Bober said.

Identifying the problem early is the job of the caregivers. Approximately one in 33 children have depression, but one in eight teens suffers from depression. The problem is that unlike adults, kids often will not verbalize their problems.

Among the warning signs: irritability, throwing tantrums, constant stomach aches, boredom, always being tired, getting into fights, and the “whatever phase.”

“You’ll say, how are you…they’ll say whatever; I don’t care. They lose interest in things,” Dr. Bober said.

The biggest problem is if their long-term mood effects their ability to do normal everyday things, such as classwork.

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Hayley said that her treatment has been successful so far. She also said that it’s good to talk about her problem and that it’s okay to get help to help you find the right balance to help you achieve your goals.