MIAMI (CBS4) – The Broward Sheriff’s Office has handed down disciplinary action to a deputy who was seen using his work truck to haul his personal items to a South Miami-Dade dump.

Officials tell CBS4 News Deputy Michael Wiley, a 9 year veteran, has received a written reprimand and will be prohibited from taking home his work truck for 30 days.

Wiley is an investigator for the department’s traffic homicide division.

A BSO spokesman told CBS4 news abuse of of the take-home vehicle policy will not be tolerated.

A CBS4 viewer snapped the pictures last week of Wiley unloading his personal effects at the dump, and upon seeing them, BSO launched an investigation into Wiley.

They are also evaluating the continuation of the program.

When the practice of letting cops take their cars home evolved in the 1960’s, the thinking was it would boost police presence in neighborhoods and reduce wear and tear on the cars – they would be running one shift a day instead of three.

But the take home car practice might be headed for the curb in these tough economic times.

Broward now charges deputies a modest fee if they take their car out of the county after work, based on how far they travel.  Miami-Dade is looking to require all its officers to pay a fee – $50 per payday – for the use of their take home cars.  Miami is considering drastically reducing the number of cars allowed to be taken home, if not eliminating them altogether.

The BSO spokesman Jim Leljedal said the case of the police vehicle at the dump should serve as a reminder to all officers that if they do something inappropriate they are probably going to get caught.

“Everyone has a camera in their pocket these days,” he said.


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