MIAMI (CBSMiami) – Miami-Dade County leaders and the Police Benevolent Association have reached a tentative agreement on cuts totaling $56 million.

“We want to bring this to an end, good, bad, or ugly,” said PBA President John Rivera.

The tentative deal will have to be voted on by the rank and file, but even with the cuts, it’s not enough.

The county has been asking for $73 million in concessions from the police to fill a budget hole.

Miami-Dade County Mayor Carlos Gimenez has threatened that if enough cuts aren’t made, he will being laying off Miami-Dade police officers.

Gimenez said he needs that money, roughly $18 million, to close the budget gap in the police department.

Rivera said it’s time for the county mayor to make a few concessions as well.

“We’ve given every last drop of blood,” Rivera said. “We’ve given more than any other union – twice or three times as much. Enough is enough. Let’s get on with life, lets protect the community.”

Police have agreed to paying for their take-home police cars and cut overtime and holiday pay.

The big issue remaining to be negotiated is how much Miami-Dade County police officers will pay for their health insurance.

Currently, police pay five percent of their salary to their health insurance. Mayor Gimenez wants them to pay 10 percent.

Since no deal on the health insurance aspect was reached, the Miami-Dade County Commission will have to decide in January a final total.

Rivera believes that he will have an easier time with the Commission because Gimenez is up for re-election and won’t budge. But Deputy Mayor Chip Iglesias isn’t so sure.

“In fact, there are probably seven commissioners who are up for re-election, so from that stand point, it evens the playing field,” Iglesias said. “It is going to be a difficult process nonetheless and we will have to wait for that day.”

Rivera said that a vote on the deal from the police union is scheduled for early December.

If police reject the agreement, layoff notices will go out to more than just the 90 officers said to be at risk of losing their jobs.

Comments (6)
  1. Abraham Ben Judea says:

    Can somebody, tell the people where in the constitution is the mechanism for taxing the many to the benefit of a few? These reitirement packages for the municipal unions are unconstitutional, because property taxes are used as a piggybank for the unions. The citizens of the county are forced to pay a selected group (police/firefighters) million dollar retirement packages. Taxation of the public is to be for the common good, not for the benefit of a few.

    1. Erica Carter says:

      If you worked theses dangerous jobs, you wouldn’t feel that way. Yes, it is by choice, but someone has to do it and clearly it isn’t you!

  2. xoxoxxo says:

    you’re an idiot….you are ripe for communisim….people like you know nothing of democracy or capitalism…..people like you should live only under a dictatorship….it’s the only way you will ever know how to function and not whine and complain all the time….you are only jealous that their are still people in this country that actually has a pension to look forward too…..and since you don’t have it….even less a decent job in the private sector….you would prefer those few who still have it to lose it……bye loser

  3. Vernon Boocanon says:

    Police & firefighter pensions are paid for by money that is invested in a pension fund where it earns interest over the years. Taxpayers [which all municipal workers are] money funds the compensation packages of all municipal workers from the lowest to the highest paid. just the same as we fund the compensation packages of private sector folks whenever we purchase their goods or utilize their services. CEO’s are paid millions annually and are responsible for much of the financial hardships in our country today. Police & firefighters risk their lives and health doing their dangerous jobs while keeping us and our property safe. They are paid middle class wages and deserve more than we can afford. God Bless them all.

  4. George B says:

    What the story does not say is that the county wants the police/corrections/dispatchers (as well as other unions except fire who pays nothing extra) to pay an additional 5% now to total 10% on TOP of the amount that we already pay for insurance. The public perception is that all county employees get free health insurance and that is NOT true. We pay for our insurance. Now the county wants us to pay 10% more. Just tell us help much the insurance is UP FRONT, let us pay for it or shop elsewhere for it. WE ARE FORCED TO PURCHASE OUR health insurance through the county. Some workers can get insurance on their spouse family plan but are not allowed.

  5. Carlos says:

    The county wants 10 % of your base pay to go for insurance thats plus the premium we pay that just went up another 12% Mr Gimenez how much do you and your commissiners and deputy mayors pay for insurance. Let see you hired a fire chief from the city of miami, who’s next to hire an old police chief like mr harms maybe.

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