BOCA RATON, Fla. ( – Lynn University is starting preparations for what will be the school’s signature event in 2012, the final Presidential debate before the November general election.

Lynn was selected last week by the Commission on Presidential Debates to host the debate. The school was overjoyed with the selection which will put the small school on the national map.

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“This is a wonderful venue and it’s just very special and an important part of Florida and we thought, well we’d put our hat in the ring and we were very pleased with the outcome,” said Lynn University President Kevin Ross.

Students could end up being the biggest beneficiary. The school plans on handing out tickets to the debate to students after a lottery selection process is completed.

“Lynn University is a small school and I think this will definitely set it on the map,” said student Jen Morano. “I myself am from Massachusetts so I, being all the way up north, I heard about Lynn. I think with this debate, it’s going to open up the whole world, the whole country about Lynn University.”

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For Palm Beach County, hosting the presidential debate will give the area a chance to wipe away some of the stain left on it from the 2000 Presidential election and recount.

“Here we are years later from the infamous 2000 recount and people still talk about it, not just to elected officials from Palm Beach County, but I think our residents when they travel around the country always hear about it,” said Palm Beach County Commissioner Steve Abrams. “It’s a great opportunity to be in the Presidential spotlight, once again, in a positive way.”

The debate participants will be President Barack Obama and his Republican challenger.

The other presidential debate sites will be the University of Denver on October 3 and Hofstra University on October 16. A vice-presidential debate will be held on October 11 at Centre College in Danville, Kentucky.

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If one of the sites runs into any problems, especially given the debate will be held during hurricane season in Florida; the backup site will be Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri.