MIAMI – (CBSMiami) – More than 2,300 pounds of marijuana and nearly 900 pounds of cocaine will not make it into the streets of South Florida after Coast Guard crews seized the illegal drugs from two separate vessels earlier this month.

Instead, the drugs were offloaded from a Coast Guard cutter Monday morning in Key West.

In the first case, the Coast Guard Cutter Gallatin spotted a 30-foot speed boat and intersected it as it ripped through waves along the Caribbean Sea Wednesday. The contraband was discovered inside wrapped in plastic bales labeled “broiler ration” and another bale had the words “The Big Feed” written across the plastic container.

Earlier this month, Coast Guard officials intersected a 160-foot, Bolivian-flagged freighter traveling northeast of Panama on October 14th. The Coast Guard crew discovered 886 pounds of cocaine inside packed in brown bags.