MIAMI (CBS4) – The problem of life-saving medications facing a nationwide shortage has captured the attention of President Barack Obama.

It’s a problem CBS4 Chief Investigator Michele Gillen brought to television recently with the story of a Clearwater woman who is going blind, because the medication she needs cannot be found.

“Everyday I try and memorize what my kids look like. I don’t ever want to forget that. What if I do go blind?” asked Clearwater mother of two, Jennifer La Cognata.

On Monday, President Obama started demanding answers.

From the Oval Office he signed an executive order targeted with trying to find a fix to the problem.

“The shortage of prescription drugs drives up costs, leaves consumers vulnerable to price gouging and threatens our health and safety,” the President said in written statement. “This is a problem we can’t wait to fix.”

Administration officials have sent a letter to drug manufacturers reminding them of their responsibility to report the discontinuation of certain drugs to the FDA, the statement noted. But as CBS 4 Investigative revealed last week, health care insiders have long complained that all drug companies are not required to alert the government they have are discontinuing a drug.

  1. Me says:

    Yeah, you would think all the money Pharmaceutical companies make alone of diabetes and cancer patients would be enough to supply the world with unlimited meds. This is America though, and some select few are multi billionaires. There will never be a cure for diabetes and there probably is one already.