MIAMI ( – When it comes to physical education, most of us think of running laps, playing kickball, or other mundane activities. But, a new program in Miami-Dade County Public Schools is putting a creative touch on physical education.

More than a dozen Felix Varela High School students currently take a new class in a program called, “Learn to Swim.”

It’s put together by the MDCPS and takes students out of the classroom and the gym to put them in the water and get them moving in an untraditional way.

“We wanted to recapture the students that no longer wanted to take volleyball or basketball and wanted to be physically active,” said Jayne Greenberg with MDCPS.

Greenberg, a District Director of Physical Education and Health Literacy for Miami-Dade Public Schools, is one of six individuals nominated to key administration posts by President Barack Obama. Greenberg was appointed by a member of the President’s Council on Fitness, Sports and Nutrition.

“It was a very exciting to get the email that I had been appointed,” Greenberg said.

In this specific program they are doing something different by thinking out the box by taking students several times a year to the Coconut Grove Sailing Club for sailing, kayaking, canoeing and swimming a creative approach to physical education.

“We are out here working and at the same time having fun, it’s really good,” said Angie Garces, a sophomore at Felix Varela High School.

Not only are they getting out class; but they have a great experience with their friends while staying physically active and get a grade for it. All Miami-Dade Public Schools are eligible to enroll in this program.

For more information, click here or call Miami-Dade Parks Leisure Access Services at 305.755.7848 (V/TDD)


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