LAUDERHILL (CBS4) – Based on a new road sign, a Broward County contractor may have skipped school the day spelling was being taught.

A sign painted on the street near Banyan Elementary School at the corner of 50th Street and Pine Island Road in Lauderhill alerts drivers that they are entering a school zone.

The only problem is, the painted sign doesn’t read, “school.” Instead, the sign reads, “SCOHOL” zone.

The misspelling of a school sign in front of a school is an error that defines irony.

Scott Brunner, Assistant of Broward Traffic Engineering, said the sign was not installed by the staff of Broward County Traffic Engineering.

He said it was instead installed by a contractor as a temporary marking after the road was resurfaced in that area.

Brunner does not know when the temporary marking was installed.

The contractor is expected to correct the marking by Friday afternoon.


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