MIAMI ( – When the state of Florida and several other states take their fight against health care reform before the Supreme Court, it won’t be any of the state attorneys general arguing the case.

Instead, Florida and the other plaintiffs have turned to former George W. Bush solicitor general Paul Clement to make the best case they can before the nine justices of the Supreme Court.

Clement has appeared before the court at least 45 times and was selected by Florida attorney general Pam Bondi to lead their case.

“Having Paul Clement as our lawyer cements that (their case was the ideal vehicle for the Court) because his presence assures the Supreme Court that our arguments will be presented as professionally, intelligently, and effectively as possible,” Bondi told the New York Times.

The appeal by the Obama administration is expected to be heard by the Supreme Court in the next few months and a decision will likely come in the middle of the 2012 Presidential election.