NORTH MIAMI BEACH (CBSMiami) – A North Miami Beach police officer with a keen sense of smell is responsible for the discovery of illegal marijuana grow house and one arrest.

According to North Miami Beach police officials, a 14-year veteran officer was on routine patrol on NE 9th Avenue between 159th and 160th Street when he noticed the faint smell of marijuana. He stopped his car and walked the streets until he found the source of the marijuana odor coming from a house at 930 NE 160th Street.

Undercover narcotics officers set up surveillance of the home and also heard typical noises coming from the home consistent with a marijuana grow house, according to police. These sounds include humming noises made by a large amount of special lighting and internal air conditioning units.

After receiving a search warrant, police went into the home on Monday, October 24th where they found an elaborate hydroponic lab and 77 mature marijuana plants with a street value of $750,000.

house of pot north miami beach air fresheners NMB Cop With Keen Sense Of Smell Busts House Of Pot

(Source: North Miami Beach Police Dept.) Air fresheners used in a failed attempt to cover the smell of a marijuana grow house in North Miami Beach.

They also found about a dozen air fresheners on a table that were being used in an attempt to cover the odor but that plan failed miserably.

The person living in the house was arrested and charged with possession of marijuana with the intent to sell and also theft of electricity from the FPL pole at the rear of the house.

This is the second marijuana grow house bust this week. On Monday, Hollywood police arrested two men on charges of running a grow house in a single-family home in the 2600 block of Van Buren Street.

Police seized 36 marijuana plants weighing 130 pounds.

Comments (3)
  1. walkthisway says:

    Come on now…how much did the cop take and hide for later. We are talking about the NMB PD here. You know they like to drink on the job, post where they are not supposed to be, and give people rides on the beach and run when they hit somebody. A pothead with a badge…hahahaha

    1. Tiplite says:

      Hey, walker..That was the “Miami Beach” Police Dept. Not the” North Miami Beach ” Police Dept. After your comment I must assume that you will have to find another “Dealer”

  2. joe says:

    130 pounds off of 36 plants? Yeah people smoke potting soil and the plastic containers that they were grown in sound impossible to get that kind of smoking weight out of 36 plants. Must have weighed the roots, dirt, and the pot they were grown in. Oh and 77 mature marijuana plants with a street value of $750,000. Maybe if is sold all in grams, but who does that anyways. Ok so a pound a plant of smoke not dirt and plastic. $4000 a pound x 36 supper expensive street price comes to $308,000 Good thing cops don’t work at banks or teach math class.

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