HALLANDALE BEACH (CBS4) – There is a gold rush happening in South Florida. One of the most reputable gold buyers is in town right now to give you cash for your gold.

“This is my red bag,” said Isa Hernandez who was selling the contents on that bag, for the right price.

Hernandez came ready to sell gifts from her late husband, rings dating back to 1961, and her children’s old gold charms.

“I don’t wear it anymore,” admitted Hernandez to CBS4’s Jorge Estevez as she looked at the pile of gold jewelry she was about to sell.

“They are in drawers and little boxes. They are not doing anything,” said Hernandez.

The jewelry is being sold at the Hampton Inn at Hallandale Beach where Estate Buyers by MJD and Associates buy large quantities of gold mostly to melt down, but sometimes they buy and then resell the more unique pieces.

They inspect your pieces, separate it by karats weigh it and give it a value based on the market of gold.

“The gold they bought next to nothing ten years ago is worth a fortune now,” said David Andrews, a manager for MJD and Associates.

With so many people selling their jewelry who is buying up all their gold?

“They remanufacture it and try to peddle it in other ways,” said Andrews. “Countries are buying it in mass quantity and hanging on to it.”

For people like Hernandez, who made several thousand dollars, the idea of a gold rush is perfect because it helps her find the cash at the end of her rainbow.

“I am so happy,” said Hernandez.

You can also bring your sterling silver, platinum pieces to costume jewelry and beaded purses.

The gold buying show lasts though Wednesday.

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  1. trollexposer says:

    Gold is good.

  2. c says:

    Since when did an advertisement for a private business become news. Another selling out of the media. At least give people the real story