MIAMI (CBS4)- Environmental activists, supporters and ‘Occupy Miami’ members gathered outside the Society of Environmental Journalists conference in downtown Miami Saturday afternoon.

Various groups, including Clean Energy Coalition South Florida, Occupy Miami and South Florida Wildlands Association gathered at 1:30 p.m. across the street from the InterContinental Hotel, at the south end of Bayfront Park, in Miami to rally on behalf of critical environmental issues happening in South Florida and what they call “a clean energy future, with no new nuclear reactors or offshore oil.”

Other groups expected to be attendance were the Sierra Club, Florida Youth Environmental Sustainability Coalition, One Struggle, Tropical Audubon, Citizens Allied for Safe Energy (CASE), Save it Now Glades (SING), Southern Alliance for Clean Energy (SACE), Everglades Earth First and Millions Against Monsanto.

Members say they are against chemicals in their food, air and water; “protection of public lands, wildlife habitat, and endangered plants and animals; the creation of the green economy and green jobs revolution that has been long promised and putting the needs of our environment over corporate profits.”

They say they want to speak to the press, with an expected 700 journalist, about the “urgent need to turn around the environmental degradation of our region and our planet now.”

Organizers of the Clean Energy Coalition of South Florida say they are personally delivering a list of phone numbers of local organizations trying to save the environment to the 700 journalists for interviews and future reference.

The group also created a Rally for the Environment facebook page, click here for more information.

Comments (6)
  1. fyshbyte says:

    Miami finally has awoken. Kudos to Occupy Miami & all the activists

  2. fyshbyte says:

    how about posting the emails of all the journalists online

  3. Denis says:

    Wackos like you are killing this country with your over regulations.People are losing theirs jobs and homes because of you.Nobody wants to pollute our world but you can’t stop everything on a dime it takes time .Go back in time and see how much progress we’ve made since the 70’s.

  4. fyshbyte says:

    Denis Wackos like you are killing this country by pollution and unregulated food & Drugs. Get out of the way with your ancient ideas we are for PROGRESS. See ya!

  5. brandon says:

    nuclear power is not bad outdated technology is whats bad. fukushima was built in 1976 based on outdated American technology and was built in an area known for earthquakes. France is the leader in nuclear technology and i haven’t seen any of their power plants meltdown. NUCLEAR POWER IS CLEAN ENERGY and the only problem with nuclear energy is that the workers who mine uranium in other countries usually get sick and die.

  6. B McLaughlin says:

    The “environment” would be far better off if it weren’t polluted by these “tree hugging” parasites, malcontents, and misfits. Get a job.