MIAMI (CBS4) – The newest fad teens are using to get drunk seems to have old ingredients. It uses a candy they loved as a child, and now, may found a new reason to love as they approach adulthood.

“We’re going to turn gummy bears into vodka gummy bears,” said one young woman on YouTube.

A quick search of YouTube found dozens of videos showing exactly how.

“We need vodka,” the girl tells YouTube viewers.

Doctors don’t like it.

“Alcohol is an acquired taste, it’s not something we initially gravitate towards,” said Dr. Judy Schaechter, associate chair of Pediatrics at the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine.

She says a sweet tooth can lead to a dangerous relationship with alcohol early in life.

“So our taste buds are designed to welcome in things that have a taste of sugar, that taste sweet. Alcohol doesn’t,” Dr. Schaechter told CBS4’s Gio Benitez.

Unless that flavor is disguised by a sweet, sugary candy, and it’s that disguise that worries law enforcement. Why would police ever pay attention to kids eating candy?

“I wouldn’t have thought of that,” said Eva Duehring, who said this is new to her, but not unexpected.

“It doesn’t surprise me. Kids will come up with anything,” said mother Stephanie Cassidy.

But what’s the solution?

“I’m not saying we get rid of gummy bears kids will switch to gummy worms or something else,” said Dr. Schaechter.

Dr. Schaechter says it should make you think about what your kids are doing, and perhaps even spend more time with them.

“The best protection that your kids have is time with you,” she said.

Because a little time is all it takes to make the wrong decision.