FORT LAUDERDALE ( – If you were driving through Broward County on I-95 this morning alone, you should be happy you didn’t try to use the HOV lanes.

A total of 20 deputies and law enforcement officers from multiple districts were patrolling the HOV lanes Friday morning to stop drivers from illegally using the lanes.

According to Sgt. Mark Wysocky of the Florida Highway Patrol, a total of 140 citations were given out between 7 am and 9 am.

Of those 140 tickets, 85 were for HOV lane violations, 12 were for move-over violations, two were for aggressive driving, and 41 were for what FHP described as miscellaneous violations.

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  1. Stop The Abuse says:

    Wow what a money grab. While these 20 “officers” were out patrolling the HOV lane I wonder how many homes and stores were robbed or broken into? What a waste of tax payer money. If these “officers” are not needed in their districts thay should be let go and save the cities and county tax payer money.

  2. Mike says:

    What a Joke! I agree with Stop the Abuse! people being raped, murdered, properties broken into, arson, etc,etc,etc…… Waste of money on HOV Violations….. Spend the money on education and get back those 400 some odd teachers back into the class rooms that were laid off becasue of budget cuts…….. Typical south florida thinking

  3. Missnikki says:

    Too bad they weren’t nabbing people in PB County. I drive amongst those arrogant idiots every day who think they are above the law.

  4. Jorge says:

    Our tax dollars hard at work robbing us of more tax dollars. Cut their unions, cut their overtime, cutout their cushy retirements for a regular 401k account like the rest of us, and no more overtime. Nobody forced them to take the job. Sick and tired of their hypocritical lectures when they pull you over, yet they all speed like 20+ MPH over the limit everywhere, use their emergency lights to avoid traffic lights, drive down pull-off lanes in bumper to bumper traffic, and the list goes on., and give you major attitude when they pull you over. They need to work on their political skills as a whole. Cops are not loved by people on a jury either.

  5. HellWithIt says:

    Thank you, guys, for doing your job. I drive 95 every day and see violators thumbing their nose up and not obeying the law like most of us. I, unlike other people on this board, appreciiate law enforcement and welcome this way overdue effort.

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