MIAMI (CBS4) – Despite all of the attention directed at men who are losing their hair, a new device has put the focus on women who are losing or severely damaging their hair.

Many women are refer to it as “Hairapy,” but hair specialists are confident that new treatments and testing can save them from the long-term effects of breakage and thinning.

The hair business is a multi- billion dollar industry full of sprays, gels, combs, and brushes, that cause lots of damage to your hair, especially when you work diligently to look great.

Richard Gundry used the first of its kind device to calculate hair damage by giving women some concrete numbers as to how much breaking and thinning is actually going on.

“We measure in the back where people don’t loose their hair. Then we measure on the top and calculate what the percentage of loss there is,”  said Gundry.

Gundry says it’s okay to have 10% breakage. But you want  0% thinning.

The stylists put CBS4 Reporter, Cynthia Demos to the test and measured the amount of breakage she has, and checked for thinning.

Tests showed that Cynthia had 16.6% of breakage, and 30% thinning.

Hair care expert Shannon Dalbo of the GBS Salon in Miami recommends that you use a protein based treatment at least twice a week.  She says that protein and keratin are the keywords when it comes to treating hair breakage. The ingredient keratin is designed to strengthen your hair.  Oil can be added if your hair starts to frizz.

For hair loss, you want a treatment with minoxidil and peptides.  Plant based products are usually the best to use.

To get more information on getting a hair check performed, you can get it for free right now at any GBS location.  For more information, visit their website at