MIAMI ( – An early Friday morning raid by the FBI yielded the arrests of a group of criminals who allegedly planned a Brinks truck robbery that left one Brinks worker dead.

According to the FBI,  Terrance Brown, 38; Toriano “Slick” Johnson, 34; Daryl Davis,45; Nathaniel Moss, and two others planned and helped execute a deadly Brinks truck robbery on October 1, 2010.

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Moss, who admitted to killing the driver according to the FBI, worked with the law enforcement to crack the case.

The crime happened on October 1, 2010 when a Brinks truck was delivering a bag containing $397,500 to the Bank of America in Miramar.

The Brinks worker, Alejandro Nodarse Arencibia, 48, began to walk to the bank when two men carrying guns came at him.

According to the arrest affidavit, Nathaniel Moss was one of the men and was wearing a bright orange traffic safety vest. Moss held his gun to Arencibia’s head and then shot him in the head, according to the FBI.

“Alejandro was all my life,” Arencibia’s wife, Maria Semana told CBS4’s Peter D’Oench in an exclusive interview. “He was all my life.”

“Alejandro was an honest man,” Semana continued, “a good family person. A man who worked and came home, a good husband and a good friend. He never had a problem with anybody.”

Another man at the scene, identified with a street name of “Soldier” grabbed the bag of money and both Soldier and Moss took off in a white Toyota Camry. The duo ran the Camry into a dumpster and ran from the vehicle, according to the FBI.

Moss was found hiding in bushes near where the car stopped. Police found a bright orange traffic safety vest near Moss and according to the FBI, Moss was wearing a bullet-proof vest and had a pair of pliers and a pair of latex gloves with him.

In the meantime, a witness told the FBI that they saw two men get into a silver Honda Civic near where Moss was found. The Civic was found abandoned around a mile away from the scene.

Inside the Camry that was the initial getaway car, FBI agents found the Brinks bag containing $395,000 and they found another $2,500 outside the Bank of America.

Once in custody, Moss began to cooperate with law enforcement.

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Moss said that he, Brown, Johnson, Davis, Soldier, and others were going to rob the same bank on September 17, 2010. Moss said Brown planned both robberies.

According to the FBI, Moss said he and Soldier were to be the gunmen while Brown, Johnson, and Davis served as lookouts for both robberies.

Moss said he got the orange vest he wore by Davis who worked for the Miami-Dade County Transit Department.

The first robbery was not carried out after a car accident near the bank brought police close to the scene.

The FBI collected cell records for all four of the robbers and used cell site location data and audio recordings of the criminals to confirm what Moss had been telling authorities.

For Brown, it’s not the first time he’s faced charges for an armored car robbery.

According to the arrest affidavit, Brown was indicted in South Carolina for an armored car robbery with a similar modus operandi (m.o.) as the October 1, 2010 robbery.

Brown pled guilty to the charges and admitted that he used a Camry to drive from the scene and then switched to a new car to try to escape.

The FBI also arrested Hasam Williams, 35, and Laquisha Dansby, 34, in connection with the Brinks robbery on October 1, 2010. They’re roles in the crime were not immediately known.

Moss was set to appear in federal court Friday where he was expected to change his plea from guilty to not guilty.

For Semana, the arrests are a small comfort to a moment she can’t forget.

“He is the one who’s dead,” Semana said. “No one’s going to bring him back. No amount of money will bring him back.”

The entire crime left Semana with more questions than answers.

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“Why would this happen that someone would do this,’ Semana told D’Oench. Why didn’t they hit him over the head? They are assassins. They are murderers.”