MIAMI ( – Fresh off his Florida straw poll victory, former Godfathers Pizza CEO Herman Cain has suddenly found himself atop the latest polls.

In a new NBC/Wall Street Journal poll, Cain is ahead of the Republican field with 27 percent followed by Mitt Romney at 23 percent and Rick Perry at 16 percent.

The new numbers are similar to a poll from Public Policy Polling, a Democratic leading pollster, and a separate poll from Reuters/Ipsos.

Still, while Cain may be surging ahead, he’s running roughly 10 points behind President Barack Obama in most of the polls.

It’s presenting Republicans with a conundrum. Currently, the only candidate in the GOP field that is running even with President Obama is Romney. But, hardcore conservatives aren’t warming to Romney as his numbers have stayed flat throughout the pre-primary season.

According to Real Clear Politics, in all of the polls in the last week, an overwhelming number of Americans said the country is on the wrong direction. But, President Obama leads all GOP candidates in every major poll.